Trigger Words

My friend,Tomiwa, asked me about my blog yesterday. At that moment, I was answering questions and feeling slightly relieved. relieved he cared. Right now, I’m feeling a mix of grateful and ready. ‘sometimes I just need someone to remember me when I’ve forgotten me.’

I’m really hoping I’d learn to share more because to love is to share. I’ve not been sharing this blog space with people I’m close to because I’m afraid I’ll feel vulnerable. Does it exactly work that way? I don’t have an answer yet. I however want to blog to the extent that if and

when I do feel vulnerable, just as I feel other things, the same blog space will be one of my joys, my push to write, my comfort.

ask now

I was reading this post focus on I found something interesting

“People have so many things to say. Some, you have to coax out of them, some they do not even know what they want to say until they hear the trigger words…”

So here i am, knowing certainly that the story has not been dried up on the inside of me. Here I am, knowing I need the ‘trigger words’ I am yet to recognize. So many aspects of life I’m ready to share about, so much perspective, I just need the trigger words.

ask me

So you reading this, do I know you? Next time you see me, ask me questions, my principle on certain things(disclaimer: I may be speechless). Ask about my blog. See how my friend Tomiwa triggered this post I would never have written.

You reading, maybe I do not know you, kindly tag me in a challenge, kindly interview me. Say something. Ask something. Comment. e-mail me. Give me my trigger words, I’m ready to blog.

“ so many things are left unsaid because we do not ask. so I will ask, I will seek and I will knock. This way I know I will receive, I will find and more doors will be open unto me”(culled from focus on


  1. I’ve had my blog for over 3years and I barely get those trigger words to make me open myself on here. During the first months of the blog, I thought I would and I tried to make people “watch out”, but later on, it seemed like they were taking up my space and I felt there were some things I couldn’t share yet.

    Even now.
    Or maybe those “eureka” words haven’t come or people aren’t asking the right questions or pushing me the right way.

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  2. Ah really dunno au to challenge yhu ladies right nau…bhet whenever u feel u cant share a particular post just yet- share it! When confronted (with words or thoughts)…shrug…smile…say “now u know!”


  3. I really do like this post a lot- “Trigger words”.
    It just shows the vulnerability every writer at the beginner’s level feels.
    I hope that one day we wouldn’t feel so vulnerable, to criticism, to opinions….perhaps we need trigger spirits more than the words.

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