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My friend wants to tread

Friends have no need to tread softly on your heart
They’re the first to walk the route that others still will
They’re the ones to clear out the bush,ensure no weed in your life
So when others come, they say
Hey you’re so smooth
No I’m not smooth
Okay yes I’m smooth
But I was not smooth
I was full of thumps and grasses and weeds
Never easy to press down, these weeds
So friend don’t tread softly
Let me know, speak up when I sit incorrectly, tell me when I yawn badly, tell me when I’m disrespectful, remind me when I’ve forgotten my creator
You’re the first to tread
Please tread to beautify my heart
Debby Adebayo


Hello guys. Happy new month to you. April feels like flowers to me. What does it feel like to you?
I’ve been on and about an upcoming program in my fellowship, power crusade. It happens yearly, this one though, promises to be uniquely spectacular, God himself has declared. So if you’re in Ibadan, you should definitely be a part.
On to today’s business, I know, I know, my first and only phoygraphy project post so far was on Feb 14 . check it here if you haven’t already. So guys let’s scrap the weekly, yes? I have to be true to myself and to you, weekly won’t work. I do promise to provide good pictures without being bound by a time frame. I want to live out my photography. And enjoy it
So this is a  compilation of pictures I think will do good.
Learning to embrace the process. No one you see all flourishing now, started out like that. Embrace the in filling process.
Of knowing when to capture the commonest of things. But really, don’t you just love this picture? To think it’s the roof of a petrol station
I got another good shot
I’ll just write a legal maxim for this picture, ‘res Ipsa loquitur’ meaning the fact speaks for itself??
Look ahead of you, people.
So on this day, I had returned to my room tired. It was really late and I just wanted to eat. For the first time in a long time I simply buttered both faces of the bread and toasted it. Surprisingly, I enjoyed it so much. Normally, I always put so much inside my toast. Sometimes the simplest of things is the sweetest of things.
On that note, which number describes your toast best? Let us know in the comment section
For finding time to have a still photo. Even the moving vehicle appears still on the road.
Guys, there is so much beauty in our everyday experience. Share yours.
Love, pictures and a flowery month of April,