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I’m Deborah Osinowo (nee Adebayo). You can call me Debby. I started this blog in 2013 in order to express myself through writing in a curated space. In no time, I added teaching a thing one or two, to the blog’s purpose. Easily surmised as the works of a Nigerian Christian and Lifestyle Blogger.


I took a break 2021 through 2023. Today (2024), having been silent for three years, I don’t know precisely how best to blog but it’s the right thing to do. My thoughts are that we’ll figure it out together – let me know what you want to know (I took out the name and email requirement on my Contact me button, so you can even send an anonymous message if you’d rather, and if I think it’s fitting, I’ll compose a blogpost based on that.

What I write on here focuses per time on what corresponds with my growth and experiences. No compulsions, expectations or shame. Safe space.

With that, I welcome you to my smiling and simple hub on the internet.

Hub: A point where many routes meet and traffic is distributed, dispensed or diverted.

And that’s where DebbyHub comes from. Here’s where you find the thoughts that intersect in my headspace (and yours).

About this Nigerian Christian and Lifestyle Blogger:

Christian: My faith in Jesus Christ centers my life, acting as my north-star. I know experientially the sweet fellowship of the Holy Spirit.

Lover of stories: As a kid and an adult, I have been drawn to brilliance demonstrated in words. Literary intelligence gets me on a high.

Married: Blogged for ten years as Deborah Adebayo and now as Deborah Osinowo. A few months ago, I married my absolute love and companion, Olubukunwa. He’s been influential in my thinking process for the ten years I’ve known him.

Lawyer: A lawyer with 5 awards at the Nigerian Law School including best graduating female student and 1 of 5 first-class students. I work with the United Nations Development Program with a team that reviews and presents the right evidence for misconduct claims within the organization.

Cozy baby: Find me on the couch, or on the bed in the most comfortable position, lying down and enjoying my company. Ease, baby.

Human Dignity and Economic Freedom: It’s easy to sum up my passion in these Sustainable Development Goals:

Goal 1: End poverty,

Goal 8: Decent jobs and economic growth,

Goal 16: Peace, justice and strong Institutions.

I believe there should be freedom to live up to your full potential and dreams without regard to your socio-economic background. I believe in the dignity of all people.


christian blogger

Reader of blogs and books; action and intelligent movies type of girl; interior decorator by heart; Nigerian; lover of freedom laughter and free will; acquirer of knowledge; organizer; your cool, calm and collected friend ✌️.

I guess you’re all caught up.

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