About Me

Hi there 💙,

My name is Debby, and I believe in the lordship of Jesus Christ over all.

In my period blogging, I have traversed days of writing some poetry; some fiction; attempting  picture blogging; and no kidding, even spelling on this blog.

In essence, what I focus on per time will correspond with my growth and realities. Importantly, there’s an anchor for all this. As I further lose my will to Jesus, I write each day what my hands are moved to write, and I blog each moment what I hear. Awesome news.

Welcome to my simple hub on the internet.


Hub: A point where many routes meet and traffic is distributed, dispensed or diverted.

This is that space where I download some of the traffic that intersects in my thoughts. Hence, the name Debbyhub. I distribute, divert and dispense thoughts here.

Currently, my thoughts tend to center on discusses on Christian faith and living, to literary reviews and I mostly write with a very personal flavour. My judgment says it’s a beautiful blend when it all comes together.

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Blog schedule: More often than not, Saturdays are for posts. You can check around every weekend.

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My name is Adebayo Deborah Ibukunoluwa. I’m a Nigerian. I hear that upon first personal contact, I appear to be from the eastern part of Nigeria. I am however, a Yoruba girl from SouthWest Nigeria. I am in my early twenties.

Here’s how it happened: I created this blog in 2013 in hopes of having a literary home to express myself. In about a year, I decided more urgently to teach the one or two things I knew myself.

I still enjoy teaching the things I know.

When I read books and blogs, time wheezes by. When it comes down to it, I also like various expressions of art.

I’ve always found a rhythm to words and authors who compose music with them have my respect.

While I do all of that, I have an insatiable love for Law. I earned a first degree in Common Law – An LL.B from University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria. I have been to the Nigerian Law School and I currently await my call to the largest bar in Africa.

I love and owe a large part of the person I am today to the immediate family ❤ I come from.

I’m active on Social Media too, let’s relate.

Dear Friend,

I understand as Vladimir Nabokov once wrote that:

“Readers are not sheep, and not every pen tempts them.”

That my words are drawing a few is exhilarating and fulfilling. It’s responsibility I’m proud to own, and I’m willingly working to sustain. 💙

Thank you for reading.

Based off various write-ups, I’ve made it easier for you to know where to start through these categories:

If you’re interested in topics on the Christian faith, start here. If you’re an absolute literature aficionado like I am, here’s your space. If you want to read my fiction stories, go on ahead(i guess I write okay). Want to learn about my daily experiences? read my life diary and non-fiction posts here. Movies are recommended over here. I get other writers to share on certain topics in this column. I educate on certain other topics here – expositions. And here are my internet roundup posts.

With love,