About Me

Hello to you! πŸ’™

The Blogger

My name is Adebayo Deborah Ibukunoluwa and I started this blog in February 2014 in hopes of having a literary home to express myself, and more urgently to teach the one or two things I know.

I enjoy spending hours reading books and blogs, so also viewing various forms of art. I love words and I especially love the pictures I can create with them.

I have an LL.B from University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria. I have great interest in Corporate and Commercial law. Something about the world of finance policy-making makes me very attentive.

I value my relationship with Jesus above every other thing. Its always my pleasure to sit and teach someone one or two things about Christian living.

My family is my rock ❀. I believe in living wholly. I also believe in working on becoming a better person and I read diversely once I get over my laziness.

The Blog

In this space; My take on the Christian Faith, Book reviews, Movie recommendations, Fiction and Non-fiction, & my disposition to life and living, come together to foster whole living in a beautiful blend.

This is a space where I don’t have to scream to communicate what’s on my mind i.e I write with ease the things I don’t get to discuss in everyday life. Its also a space where you and I first listen to each other, then rub minds by exploring topics.

I’m hoping you’ll like it well enough in this space to stick around. Kindly keep in touch by subscribing to my newsletter – it’s really the best way to receive updates of blog post, know some more about my daily life and receive helpful life hack tips. You can bookmark this blog too. πŸ’™

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The Reader

Vladimir Nabokov once wrote,

β€œReaders are not sheep, and not every pen tempts them.”

That my words are drawing a few is enthralling. It’s a weight of responsibility I’m proud to own, and I’m working to sustain. πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™

You make this blog work, thank YOU.

I’ve made it easier for you to know where to start by classifying posts into categories:

If you’re interested in topics on the Christian faith, start here. If you’re an absolute literature aficionado like I am, here’s your space. If you want to read my fiction stories, go on ahead(i guess I write okay). Want to learn about my daily experiences? read my life diary and non-fiction posts here. Movies are recommended over here. I get other writers to share on certain topics in this column. I educate on certain other topics here – expositions. Finally, my internet roundup posts are my recommendations for growth.

Once again, welcome.