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On the role-mentoring statement 'you'll be fine sha'

Or they say it’ll be well o. Personally I’m wary of overly eager and ready-to-warn people. Let me present it better, those People who have stepped in your shoes before.
Case senario: student A. B is now in 200l.student A. B is fully beginning in the faculty.  Student A. B goes to study gently.  Student C. D goes through a general exchange of can you lend me? …can I put on d fan?… Do you have a spare pen?… (choose a small talk) . Student C. D then feels familiar enough with and obliged to student A. B and goes ahead to prepare student A. B for the days ahead. In this scenario, Student C. D being a 300L student. You get the point. Now I get caring student C. D has good intentions. Student A. B, you should however note, is not the all in one example of the timid, anxious, fearful, overly excited student. Student A. B could be the give me this mountain and it will be leveled, I’ve  got faith person. Student A. B might not even be considering the academic year. When student C. D comes eagerly to help, student A. B gets exhausted.
Just now a not so typical student A. B IN 200L  made a statement in the reading room. She is not so typical because it turns out she is close friends with student C. D who in this case is in 500level. A. B said oh this course is not that boring  and C. D re-emphasizes why the Course is boring. SHE JUST SAID IT’S NOT SO BORING. I think a student viewing a course as not so boring is a good thing. Yes? And truth  be told contrary to popular belief, I don’t think the course is boring either, having taken the course myself. So see my student C. D, don’t be so awash in the excitement of the previous year that you stand in A. B’S way. This goes for my case scenario. However dear friends in the reading room, go on ahead with your friendship and course tales. I think it’s pretty cool the kind of relationship that exists between you two 😙
This is me feeling neutral about the matter tbh😁😁
And in need of a break from studying.
Love from DEBBY, Happy Easter
Debby Adebayo