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Lips sealed


And because I saw this post I had typed and left out to dry. Sometimes you really don’t need to disagree in words. For a trailer-load of reasons. If you care to know I could write a post on it. You just really don’t have to always voice out disagreement. With that, I leave you to read.

In those moments when their happiness breaks the silence and rings aloud
Do you feel wrong for ever despising them?
Do you ever feel satisfied for having indulged them and having kept silent
Silent in times when your whole being was yawning to correct, to dispute
Debby Adebayo


Happy valentines day. Personally I feel if I go down the valentine line, I’ll be unoriginal to myself. I guess when it comes to tips, meaning, style and even how to spell valentine, you’re already swarmed from the left and right. However I can generously help with the spelling. V-A-L-E-N-T-I-N-E.
so moving on to the photographs of this past week.
On Sunday I went to my alma matter.  My younger sister resides in the boarding house.  My family went to greet her. I took this photo of one of the classrooms.
On Monday I went to my place of work for the last time.  This holiday I was attached to a law chamber for a month.  It was a rewarding period.  I learnt.  I learnt beyond law, I learnt a little of just what it might take to work in the corporate world. I learnt to assess people’s disposition to work and to justice.

The curtain in office. I love the turn-out

On Tuesday I took normal pictures at home.  I decided to play with one of them and turn it to something nice.  I love the cool aura the picture gives off
Beyond a watermelon

On Wednesday I was stepping out the front door at home and I thought to capture some of the flowerpot on the verandah. Hopefully when I’m at school I will be more outdoorsy.
Thursday was my parent’ wedding anniversary. We had dinner and I ordered poundo yam with Egusi and fish.  It’s my elder sister’s Chinese rice that’s caught at the edge of the picture.
Qon Friday I took a picture of one wall frame in my house. For the love of art.
Friday came and I was stranded so I did the lazy thing. I won’t feed you with  pictures of shower later on. 🙈. I pinky promise.
It won't happen again

I think it’s been a journey. I hope you enjoyed sharing some of what I fed my eyes on during the week.
Whatever suggestions and comments you might have kindly type it below. I will get better at this. Do you find yourself sweeping through each day of your life without saving memories? They don’t have to be flawless because even our memory isn’t flawless. I’d love to hear from you.  Do Comment.
                           Pictures and love,
Debby Adebayo

The one who had everything

I have viewed her as someone whom the story has been sucked out of by time and desperation .
I imagine her youthful state, full of beauty and wit. An interesting personality, not in the known of the future but living in the present.
A library of novels, borrowed and bought. Flunked by a little wealth, giving way to snobbery. Not pride. Pride has to be deep-seated.
Waiting deepened those qualities only more from lovable and enviable to a quarter of lovable.
As the other people grew they each learned to love the extreme flatness of their nose and the flabiness of their lips, their slow rate of understanding . They learned to live and expand in love. Not caring much for the one who had everything.
The one who had everything waited for the one true thing she really wanted while all others with their windows wound up sped up clouds of smoke to leave her coughing by the wheels.
Debby Adebayo

I don't want a D!

Whenever anyone I know gets wind of the fact that I own a blog, and they try to confirm it from me, I tell them “yes” and then I immedieately add:
“I’m not very serious about it”.
Whose fault? It’s just like when you get a D in a test and you say “I didn’t actually study”.
It doesn’t justify it. Most people don’t care. The fact remains that there was a test, people aced it,  but you didn’t!
I open a blog, I don’t post much, it’s a D grade.
Now, two days ago, in an eureka moment, I decided a D grade wasn’t befitting me. I had a post whipped up and I thought it was pretty good. Airtel network on the other hand was pretty bad so it wouldn’t upload on here. Guys, that was how I mistakenly deleted my post. It was gone. It’s not the first time that would happen to me. I recall once writing about a funny experience and in the blink of an eye, I got it deleted somehow.
I choose to be persistent however because I realize that giving an excuse like that still earns me a D. *Low and deep sigh*
Afoma of undertook a photography project last year. She put up a post weekly containing pictures she had taken all through the week; atleast a picture per day. I think it’s really helpful. It’ll help sharpen your photography skills, help you notice more beauty in the mundane.
I’ve always nursed an interest in photography. I realize I don’t have to wait until I get my Nikon or Canon camera before I do what I desire. Perhaps my humble phone camera can land me where those gadgets would be begging to have me, yes?
Alright so I will be having my photography posts up starting from next week Sunday.
And cheers to me,?for leaving D for a better grade.
Feel free to let me know if i’m still bordering on a D or higher. Please don’t let it be lower. Please.


Heyy guys. This post is a review of “Blink of an eye”.

This book is categorized as mystery.

I read the Paperback format . The book opens in a very enthralling manner. I’d admit what made me choose to read it and not drop it back on the shelf was the review by Karen Kingsbury on the front cover. Karen was quoted to have said:

   “His(Ted Dekker’s) use of suspense and intrigue caught me at the first page”

So I thought to myself, well let me see that intrigue in the first page. Intrigue and suspense did I indeed see. The setting didn’t open in America which I would’ve been tired of. It was Saudi Arabia; a place I’m not well abreast of. I got a slight insight into the social condition of Saudi Arabia. Ted Dekker right on the first page made me giggle. The book is about a super-intelligent guy( which I never get tired of),Seth and a slightly rebellious Saudi princess, Miriam. Both become fugitive and have to weave through life’s experiences on a fun (to the reader) yet scary roller coaster.
I’d say Miriam is my favourite character due to something of a loyalty to her faith. She also has an intelligent perspective. Her friend Sultana also rubs off on me in a good way; we don’t have enough encounters with Sultana but I still Love her person.

It’s written in a 3rd person POV. I can relate to the characters in a contextual manner.
The characters feel real to me although uh I don’t think I’m ever going to meet a clairvoyant person, so that’s out the window.

While I read, the story gripped me and kept me turning the pages, it was largely unpredictable. The title used to be “Blink” when it was published initially but was altered based on the need to make a movie out of it. Not all the ideas are well developed, the author leaves you to imagine some part.

I particularly love the interview with the author at the end of the book. He brings out salient points which he might have presented slightly earlier on. He is a little unabash about his stance too. The book covers the themes of acceptance, love, hope, betrayal and more.

I’d recommend this book to inquisitive people and lovers of intrigue(which you most likely are among, right?). The book has left me panting after other books by the author which I’m a little ashamed to admit I haven’t read before. Ted Dekker Ted Dekker Ted Dekker. I’d rate the book four out of five stars.

On acceptance of other people’s culture:

“but all of these practices advanced Saudi culture in a way the west did not see. Saudis understood the value of strong families for example. of loyalty to God and his word. Of respect for an order that supported both families and God”

On Conflict:

“the world’s religion had engaged themselves in a great struggle. A struggle between those who wanted to fix the world with the sword and those who wanted to fix it with love”
“yes, God was great, but those who swung the sword on his behalf were not, Samir thought”
On a sense of self-preservation/struggle for survival:
“he still didn’t know how they were going to survive, but he did believe that they were meant to survive, and that was enough”
“the sheik had not only been spared but commended for his reversal of loyalty in the eleventh hour. Though he’d been one of the plotters he was still more valuable to the king as a friend than an enemy. It was the way of the desert”

On conviction:

“prayer may just be the most powerful tool mankind has”

On Love:

“bright red petals from two hundred roses flown in from Holland blanketed the water. Evidently the groom, Hatam bin Hazat had heard that his young bride liked red roses. Upon seeing the extravagant display two days earlier, Sita vowed never to look upon another red rose in her life”
“one day, if he would be so fortunate, he would find another woman to love…she would be free, and if she was not, he would set her free. Like a bird”
“love changes everything”
“love your neighbour as yourself”

On female subjugation:

“Miriam could not decide. Most women she knew had a hard enough time getting out of the house, much less out of the country. Who was she to think she could run?”
“she dipped her head, replaced her veil and left the tent without another word”