Hey guys. I’ve come up with a structure. Posts are meant to come up every Saturday but I’ve been pretty unstable with that recently. Yet, I have heard compliments in recent times about my consistency. Its non–existent in my opinion.

Stemming from this, I have decided to clear it out – a post every two weeks for the remainder of my time at the Law school.

Keep up the communication line when you can, by replying newsletters or using my Contact page. Much Love.

It comes to me as flashes at different times, this quote I published on my blog:

I was pushed into a cell, but you have to push yourself into one. You have no time to know God. You need to build yourself a cell, so you can do for yourself what persecution did for me – simplify your life and Know God

The full blog post is here, I wrote on Christian persecution.

It’s humbling, this discovery I’m making: I am NOT a humble person. Over time, I have somewhat trusted God to lead me into humility ( guys, I was going to type ‘I’ve somewhat been hitting the mark’ i.e I’m quite humbls, but it occurred to me that probably no humble person states that they’re humble. Amusing).

However, these past few days, my eyes have been open to see humility in a new light. It is so humbling. Here’s it: My pride is displayed when I don’t consciously take time to study the scriptures for two days simply because I’m pressed for time. My pride is displayed when I don’t daily consult the Holy Spirit for all my life decisions anymore. I used to. I have however under the pretext of ‘growth’ and ‘I’m attuned to the holy Spirit always’, given up the place of actually waiting, just quietening down to hear his voice. A false adequacy.

Here’s my take:

The most dependent on the holy Spirit is the one who prays always.The proudest is the one who can weather a day without God, after all no be yesterday dem born me i.e I was not given birth to yesterday.” A false sense of adequacy. I need to push myself into a cell, creating time away from my distractions. Build myself a cell and simplify my life.

“This is the one I esteem

He who is humble and contrite in spirit

And trembles at my word” Psalm 66:2

I see “trembles at my word” in a new light. I always knew it to be taking God’s word as final authority, to obey it, to not underestimate it. But now, I certainly don’t tremble at the word if I think two days without it won’t turn my life upside down. I’m saying ‘I’m not a novice at life, I can navigate to some extent’. To ‘tremble at’ it is to inquire, to search it out because I know its veracity. It is to lock up myself in a cell until the light comes. It is to give it more respect than I give law school.

Friend, If you can cope without reading the word, you may be in this boat I just left. How you treat the Word is in fact, how you treat God.

I’d say it again: The way you treat the Word of God is the way you treat God.

Let’s hope I get round to giving the pictured book a dignified reading, since just its title crystallized this lesson.

Love from this end,



  1. Buks October 21, 2019 at 5:07 PM

    Those whose proper estimation of their own weaknesses and inadequacies drives them CONSTANTLY to rely on the Lord’s strength actually end up being the STRONG IN THE LORD.

    Thanks for this.

    1. Adesimi October 21, 2019 at 7:38 PM

      Love from my end too Debby. Thank you so much for this. I saw a new approach to the Word and to humility.

  2. itunu December 27, 2019 at 12:27 AM

    This!! God begins where Man Ends. I’ve experienced this personally where God would have me get to the end of myself so He can come in and be glorified. Waiting, Seeking, Beholding… all these things are meant to humble us. In my waiting season, I was so humbled. I began to see traits in me I didn’t see before. False gospel tells us we move and think as the HolySpirit thinks but that’s such a huge deception. There’s a necessity to pray, wait and trust God. There’s a place and timing for all these things. I pray the Lord helps us in Jesus name. The book seems to be theologically sound. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, and thanks for sharing snippets from the book.

    1. admin - Site Author December 27, 2019 at 1:10 AM

      Oh the book is theologically sound. More so because its so simple but true.

      Really, that perspective that we move and think like the HolySpirit is a deception. We need to constantly seek his face, as it’s even in just being in his presence all the change we need resides.
      Thanks for stopping by to discuss, Itunu.

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