As I sat to type, I decided to take a picture of what’s going on over here. How is it that my laptop needs external support for everything? Check it out.

I got a wireless mouse from my dad because my laptop’s mouse just wouldn’t cooperate. Mister lover bought me an external keyboard because the internal keyboard was getting me frustrated one day and I’m not ready to send it for repairs. If then the Lord ministers to you to bless the blog ministry with an efficient laptop, do not say no to the Lord. Should I open a blog go-fund-me account?

I got a new Bible this past week. A solid leather-bound John Maxwell leadership bible. This delighted me greatly in ways greater than I can write of and so I posted a video of it on my Instagram feed.
The entire experience has led me to two questions and I want you to help me out:

1. Instagram boasting. What is considered Instagram boasting? Should we never post the things that delight us on Instagram? Is it a show-off? And is it excused if the boast is spiritually inclined, like having a new bible? What should we make of Instagram?

2. Are you a leader? What qualifies a person to self-identify as a leader? Is it being appointed to certain offices in your church group or fellowship? is it being a founder of a movement? When are you a leader? I thought of this because I wondered if having a leadership bible was what I really needed right now. Isn’t it better suited for church pastors and intending church pastors? Maybe I need another women study bible instead.
I really want to hear your thoughts on these matters. 1. Instagram and boasting. 2. Qualifications for leadership.

Now, here’s what I think:


Instagram is visual. Its created to capture pictures of beautiful things. My C.R.S teacher in SS1, Mrs. Ibitoye, taught me something I keep remembering till today because it was such a profound knowledge for me: God created man to appreciate beauty. Prior to that, I had related to beauty awkwardly. Never one to enjoy a lot of attention, I didn’t know how to cope with it (Not sure I still do today haha), but that statement was so enlightening. You don’t have to be apologetic about beauty. My class had been a study on Genesis 1 and 2. I know now that God created man to appreciate beauty in other people, in objects of art, and in nature. Instagram appeals to that. It appeals to your innate, God-given desire to look at and appreciate beautiful things. If you have something beautiful to post on instagram, that in itself is not boasting.

On the other hand, Instagram makes you susceptible to one of the classified temptations of sin – the lust of the eyes. Oh wait, it’s two, – oh, it’s all three of them! Lol. The lust of the flesh, the lust of the eye, and the pride of life.

You may spend five hours on Instagram lusting after what other people have or what they do.

You may spend five fours creating an Instagram-worthy picture or caption which will stun everyone.

You may breathe a little easier when people like your posts and comment fire on your posts.

You, my dear friend, have succumbed to these three temptations. And don’t think it’s any different because you don’t spend five hours, lol. It’s not strictly about the length of time you spend, although your time is a pretty good indicator of where your mind’s at. It’s principally about your heart.

In summary, Instagram doesn’t have to be a boastful place. It can simply be a place to once again appreciate beauty – which God created you to do! It can be a place where you learn from other people’s experiences and are encouraged by people in your community. So I hope my posting a study bible encourages someone to desire a good study bible because you need to hear this: study bibles help you study. There are bibles often carried along for outings which are often pocket-friendly ones. But we all need study bibles stationed by our desks or bedside. And when you’ve used it a couple of years, you may need to change it. Your Instagram community may inspire you in these things. I was once inspired by Ife Grace who wrote about how she saved a huge amount of money as a student to get herself a Dakes bible. That was the first time I paid attention to finding out what a Dakes study bible was.

Phew! End of my thoughts on instagram. Now it’s your turn to comment.


Leadership! Oh mine. If you’ve ever written certain applications, you may know how hung up people can be on leadership experience. At the moment, I’m not heading any spiritual group whether initiated or appointed. Am I then a leader? Does a Maxwell leadership bible befit me? I think yes, sure. Here’s the passage that came to mind immediately after I thought of 2 Tim 3:5 “let the older women teach the younger women“. That passage has been sufficiently explained to me in emphasizing the suffix“-er”. Older women and not old women. The Lord sees me as a leader over younger women who are around me. My dad often says “if you have a younger sibling, you are a leader. They look up to you”. The question that’s then left is “am I taking on my role of leadership properly?’ am I slack about it because I think I’m not accountable to anyone? Because it isn’t a leadership experience I can pen down on my CV? You are a leader; you who has never led a group before. The Lord is waiting to see how you will approach the authority he has given you. That’s my two cents on that. Kindly tell me some more in the comments section. I’ll love to know, and I think other readers would want to learn as well.

I hope to see you next week Saturday. Enjoy your weekend.

Knowledge and Growth,


  1. Buks December 5, 2020 at 9:58 AM

    I was nodding gently as I read this. Well done sister blogger. ??

    On Instagram, I think your thoughts are so apt. Should I frame them? ?

    On leadership, I think you have written on the matter so well. In fact, all these wisdom nuggets on your blog sef. I just realized now that this hub is quite a treasury of beautiful, intelligent and helpful resources. God bless you so much. Don’t worry, we are sowing into this ministry.

    Okay, so let me add a bit on leadership.

    I think the first thing that matters is what a person possesses. Then, secondly, we can talk about a person’s sphere of influence or those who look up to such person.

    Speaking generally, once a person is being looked up to or imitated, they are a leader – at least, in some measure. However, I speak of positive, leadership that brings light, wellness, safety and more wisdom to those who look up to the leader. In this case, what makes a leader is the amount of riches of wisdom that abides in that person. It is how much with which they have to feed others. Remember Jesus saying to Peter (the eminent apostle who would lead many into fullness in Christ), feed my sheep. I think it is about how much revelation one has. How much light. Melchizedek came with bread and wine. Jesus came with Bread and Wine to feed us all. Since then, all the king-priests (true believers in Jesus) have been commissioned to feed many with bread and wine. This is really the height of leadership. Great leaders have fed people with ideas that are good. It is about whether a person has a bank of good food to feed those around.

    A mother organically “leads” her infant into full stature, causing the baby to wax strong bones and develop in so many ways by breastfeeding. If she did not have the mammarian store-house from which she’d feed the babe, she would not really be a leader (in this sense) no matter how many infants were “looking up to her”. Pardon my example. I hope it made the point though.

    Once a person has a treasury of good substance, A. W. Tozer says that there is a universal law that connects supply to need. Jesus says where there is carcass, the eagles gather.
    This is why I think the substance in a person is first what makes them a leader, and then, whether or not they have people who look up to them.

    Okay. That’s my two cents.

    1. Deborah Adebayo - Site Author December 5, 2020 at 12:57 PM

      Boom! This isn’t two cents, it’s a lot of dollars. Yes, your illustration on a mother leading a baby is such a good driver of the point you’re making. Content! Leading people into fullness in Christ! These are the substance of leadership. I considered this when writing but wasn’t ready to lengthen the post any more. Glad to see your elucidation in the comment box. Thank you.

      By the way, I have no greater joy than to learn you were nodding as your read my post. Debby hub is a wisdom hub. ✌️

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