It’s been a full week really. I’m still excited. Last week Sunday was my sister’s birthday. I spent two nights in her hostel. It was a blessed and fun time. I ate a lot. I had to read too as I had exam the following day. A big exam as it were. On Monday my exam was a success. I began to prep for my exam the following day again. My prep was short-lived as I slept. Hmm, the exam was fine naw. Anyway happiness, freedom. Exam period is such a drag. It’s fun when you get the hang or gist of the topic but when you consider how much you have to do, ugh. Plus if you sleep at the rate I do, mehn…
that Tuesday I had also helped my friend, Olola, our fellowship colporteur sort through the books and attach price tags, arranging them neatly in big ghana must go bags. I settled to eat indomie at night.
Wednesday I woke up a free man. Had my devotion, flexed in my room till time for carol which I probably over-killed in my imagination and anticipation. At a point I wanted to just check my phone browse through apps but Christ wouldn’t let me. The devotion I put to IVCU service must be equal to that when children sing in a church, no matter how boring, otherwise it isn’t Christ I reverence in IVCU services. Hmm, don’t I just love when God says something like that. I missed home o. my home church! We had IVCU service afterward.
Thursday I was up at it early, from TKP office to all over school. Night time we had finalist commissioning in my hostel. It was amazing, I thank God. Then a vigil, I was sooo fagged out. Ah! I was glad I went anyway, fatigue musn’t come in the way. Friday I was all over school again and down to TKP office( THE KINGDOM PROJECT), touching lives at Christmas is only so close. I had to buy food out two times. I never really do that. Time to get to the market. I had a vigil again. It’s actually a continuation of the Thursday night retreat. I had EXCOS meeting for a while. In my hostel I did a number of things before God caused a deep sleep to fall upon me, mehn…
End of that gist. Permit me to tell you, Saturday was basically absent in my calendar. I woke up and kept checking the window to be sure I could see well. My phone was dead.
Today is Sunday. I envision so much already. Issoorait. All in God’s hands eh.
Do have a blessed week

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