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A journey down memory lane

I decided to do a throwback down to some old posts on the blog in order to wrap up blogging this month of July 2018.
I read my old posts sometimes and I laugh. Hope you’ve had a beautiful month so far, I think I have. It was quite eventful.

Have you read the tale of this UI student coming from Bodija? She’s unable to speak well in Yoruba, but still, she speaks! || I was trying my hand on a certain type of fiction here. Kene doesn’t know what to think while her friend faces death.
This post on why logic isn’t the primary factor in faith/religion, also a question on whether you are able to answer all questions asked about your faith. || This one isn’t old, but I don’t know if you’ve read my telling of the parable of the Bible parable, or in simpler terms, how I lost and found a book.
Book Reviews
I enjoyed reading ‘A blink Of An Eye’ by Ted Dekker and that was apparent in this review, yes? It’s my second book review on the blog ever. || aaaand, have you read my first review? I think it’s also the shortest so far, I don’t know why I’m prone to writing long reviews o. Here,a review of Always the bridesmaid.
Difficult to categorize 😁
So, this orange seller absolutely refused to tell me his name despite my cajoling skills. What’s in a name? Are we always in a hurry? Do we never ask?
Writing and blogging struggles
The struggle with putting up blog posts, does it ever end? Its not beans, like some people would say to denote it’s not easy. Here, I was writing on the same matter a while back. || This other one, It was 1:35am, and I was cooking indomie noodles while penning down my thoughts on my difficulty with writing. 😀😀.
My shortest post on the blog.
In awe of God, I wrote this. P.s: where did my lyrical sense go?

For the whole of August, I wouldn’t post twice a week, only once, on Saturdays. I have my final year exams.
Best wishes.


Consistency & Internet travel

Hey people.
I’m learning consistency. I think we get it right four times consecutively, then we fail once. We start over again, until the consistency is mastered. A blog post was due last Saturday morning (as that is my new blogging schedule) but I failed to put it up. Life issues😄.
What does consistency mean to you?
This consistency issue is very paramount in anything you will do right in life. Just today I read an interview in Punch newspaper. I can’t imagine I’m just hearing of the man inspite of such feat. Apparently, he is a Nigerian professor who lectures at university of Oxford. He recently gave an award to the worst graduating student in University of Ilorin. His children, while in primary school, all passed GCSE exams(for students around age 17 and above), one was even age 6 at the time. One of his daughters, while in primary school, built her school’s website; same website which has won many awards. Enough curiosity to pique your interest? Read here. He made mention of consistent work too.
Just on my study table in my room, I have this writing pinned down by my flower vase.

Successful people do by commitment what others do by excitement

Moving on to the task of the day, I’ve decided to share a bit of what I’ve been loving recently with you.
Do you know Uju Okorie? I discovered aunty Uju on Facebook o. I’ve been loving her since I first glanced at her Facebook page. Best of everything I admire about her; she validates her own voice. No timidity. She’s that Christian writer who is critical and intelligent. She says she hopes her sharp mouth would not land her in trouble one day. Yes, she is that person. I love it. No one should think all Christian writers must be one certain way. She writes beautifully well. I’d love to meet her in the future. Do scroll diligently down her Facebook page and check her pretty inactive blog too. Her life is too much beauty for you to ignore.
Tunrayo. Tunrayo delights me. I discover people on Instagram sometimes and I’m delighted. I love her page; crystally clear pictures, beautifully shot pictures, pictures of books (I follow the bookstagram community dutifully), natural hair sister 😉 e.t.c. she really just appeals to me. Check her out on Instagram here. After dutifully scrolling to the last of her pictures, I checked her website and it’s so simple and inviting. She makes short videos to review books, her write-ups are also engaging. Next up, her YouTube channel. Lol. It’s not obsession. Link to her blog Is here.
I stumbled across this beautiful video through Uju Okorie on Facebook. I think every African should watch this Ted talk. Before I proceed, you know what a Ted talk is right? Believe me I have a friend who previously didn’t know. Was she living under a rock? This talk is brilliant and passionate. Passionate. Of course I Google searched ‘Chika Ezeanya-Esiobu’ afterwards. Why wouldnt I? Why shouldn’t you?
If you don’t know the Lindseys, know them today. Cornelius and Heather Lindsey. Writing about them wouldn’t do as much good as discovering them yourself. Particularly on Instagram( Heather and Cornelius) you  get snippets into their lives since they actively use instagram stories.
 I have a thing for vulnerability, for people who let us in into their lives. I wonder how I can do that some more. Suggestions? That’s part of the vision of this blog. Sharing. Always feel free to contact me through the contact form in the menu. Suggestions are welcome.
Finally, I’ve been listening to beautiful messages and songs of late. Currently as I type, I’m listening to one serious worship by Dunamis church, pastored by Dr. Paul Enenche. You can also get some messages and inspiring bible study outlines from my fellowship‘s website.
See you next week! Same time, same place!
What are your thoughts? Who are those you’ve been loving recently and you’ll like to share?
Do you know any of the people I reffered to above?
What does consistency mean to you?

Gleaning from the Internet 2

I'm giving you more than ice-cream 😜

Hiiii. So it’s time again to lead you all over the Internet. If you haven’t, you should read my previous post on gleaning from the Internet .
I read this article a long time ago. Reading it again, I find it really does hand out a lot of tips. Some writers could need it.
Here is this touching must-read real life story. It hurts.
I also wrote friends have no need to tread softly

Lighthouses don’t go running all over an island looking for boats to save; they just stand there shining. –

author Anne Lamott
Tosin Alabi a vlogger and blogger  said this and I couldn’t agree better.

I consider myself a creative, and most creative people have selective OCD when it comes to space organisation

Sincerely when it comes to space organisation sometimes, I just get feverish. My sister calls it spasms. Side-eye.

The wood of the pine, the juniper, and the cypress, the finest wood from the forests of Lebanon, will be brought to rebuild you, Jerusalem, to make my temple beautiful, to make my city glorious is Isaiah 60:13

I think it’s simply beautiful how much God always desires to rebuild us. And beautify us.
Okay  okay, I think I’m so into quotes right now. 

pay now play later’  or ‘play now pay later”
“remove the kinks from your mind not your hair” – late Marcus Garvey
“You will learn that confidence is owning your truth and your struggles no matter how uncomfortable”- lordjosh
There are two ways of achieving posterity: either you write something worth reading or do something worth writing about”

– Benjamin Franklin
” Satan trembles when he sees the weakest Christian on his knee” – William Cowper
” I want to write what I can stand up and defend when I’m seventy-five if I live to be seventy-five.”
-Chimamanda Ngozi adichie

Sometimes I was really going over this song voice of truth . It became most played on my playlist

interviews interesting interviews take you to utopia. here is this one I re-read recently. The interviewer’s touch takes it to places.
Spoken word poetry
this heart-rending piece by Alyesha wise ought to be heard by everyone. Check it here. So much emotion and truth.
Lastly Emi Mahmood. I love love her work. I discovered her earlier this week. The following day after I discovered her work I made my mum watch her perform the bride. Even my mum was moved. Watch it. Can I say that enough?? this tells a bit more about her person.
There’s already so much.
I hope you have a dancing Friday. Till next time.
Love and the Internet,

gleanings from the internet–TO SHARE IS TO CARE

Happy new month guys. Good to be back here. School has been progressing. Sometimes I’m a little depressed about the silly things, most times I am so grateful to God for his ever abiding presence, for my friends, for my family, for happiness. God is my hope for tomorrow.
Currently I’m having this internal battle about when exactly I would loose the hair on my head.
About my photography project, I was always subtly aware it couldn’t be posted weekly. I’d try to make it as often as possible but definitely not weekly. Making it weekly will put on an extra anxiety for me, a schedule I will chasing smoke to catch up with. I’ll still term them as weekly posts. I also absolutely promise to feed you with good pictures, trying to avoid pictures of showers(if you missed my last photography project post, please click here)
I have a number of books in my head that I should’ve done reviews of. I have discovered that for me, the time lag between when I read a book and when I choose to start penning it down goes a long way to determine if I will ever review the book. Hence the reason many books have slipped under the door without a review.
I’ve been on Arundathi Roy’s ‘THE GOD OF SMALL THINGS’ for up to a month now. You must understand that life happens. Furthermore I’m reading the soft copy. Yes, you get, it’s never the same as the printed back.
Today I have chosen to give you a list of my ‘currently loving’. A few things I enjoyed checking out in the month of February.
First and foremost the month of February marked two important things for me. On the 11th it was my parents wedding anniversary. On the 23rd it was my mother’s birthday. That’s enough currently loving for me. However here goes my list:
This paris review-the art of fiction. I had many quotes to jot down from it. I even more love the interviewer’s disposition. I long for the time I too like Toni Morrison can afford the luxury of choosing what praise to accept. Lol. It’s a good read for writers, aspiring writers and curious readers, it’s however somewhat long.
I found poetolu on instagramtime to share, I loved his poems. I checked out his website and voila I bookmarked this post. It just rubs of on me in the best of manners. I read it and went over it again. You should most absolutely check it out.
You should constantly check out Afoma’s blog. I follow and visit lots of blogs frequently however certain blogs remain home to me. is definitely one of them.
Timi Yeseibo has her way of bringing a lively twist to whatever she writes. Read flight to lagos here and just tell me if you don’t love the ending.
This post seemed like a really long tale of her day but I got so many good lessons along the way. Somehow I just couldn’t but quote out somewhere along the end
”I watched some jellyfish dance ,not really going anywhere, just exploring the same territory in slightly new ways over and over” sometimes we’re really not going anywhere new, doesn’t mean we should let the water be stale. Explore the same place in slightly new ways over and over again.
I can’t remember how I stumbled upon this but it’ really good. It’s also about writing. On coping with writers block or the lies we often tell ourselves along the way.
truly, in various wise, a lot of people return home different and have to cope with being different at home. good post this is.
I follow Ore Fakorede on twitter and this led me to an article he tweeted from medium
I hope you gleaned a lot from the people of the internet. I hope you grow in that wise. It was great sharing with you again.
I’d put up my photography project post soon. Do have lovely weekend and keep in touch.
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