Gleaning from the Internet 2

I'm giving you more than ice-cream 😜

Hiiii. So it’s time again to lead you all over the Internet. If you haven’t, you should read my previous post on gleaning from the Internet .
I read this article a long time ago. Reading it again, I find it really does hand out a lot of tips. Some writers could need it.
Here is this touching must-read real life story. It hurts.
I also wrote friends have no need to tread softly

Lighthouses don’t go running all over an island looking for boats to save; they just stand there shining. –

author Anne Lamott
Tosin Alabi a vlogger and blogger  said this and I couldn’t agree better.

I consider myself a creative, and most creative people have selective OCD when it comes to space organisation

Sincerely when it comes to space organisation sometimes, I just get feverish. My sister calls it spasms. Side-eye.

The wood of the pine, the juniper, and the cypress, the finest wood from the forests of Lebanon, will be brought to rebuild you, Jerusalem, to make my temple beautiful, to make my city glorious is Isaiah 60:13

I think it’s simply beautiful how much God always desires to rebuild us. And beautify us.
Okay  okay, I think I’m so into quotes right now. 

pay now play later’  or ‘play now pay later”
“remove the kinks from your mind not your hair” – late Marcus Garvey
“You will learn that confidence is owning your truth and your struggles no matter how uncomfortable”- lordjosh
There are two ways of achieving posterity: either you write something worth reading or do something worth writing about”

– Benjamin Franklin
” Satan trembles when he sees the weakest Christian on his knee” – William Cowper
” I want to write what I can stand up and defend when I’m seventy-five if I live to be seventy-five.”
-Chimamanda Ngozi adichie

Sometimes I was really going over this song voice of truth . It became most played on my playlist

interviews interesting interviews take you to utopia. here is this one I re-read recently. The interviewer’s touch takes it to places.
Spoken word poetry
this heart-rending piece by Alyesha wise ought to be heard by everyone. Check it here. So much emotion and truth.
Lastly Emi Mahmood. I love love her work. I discovered her earlier this week. The following day after I discovered her work I made my mum watch her perform the bride. Even my mum was moved. Watch it. Can I say that enough?? this tells a bit more about her person.
There’s already so much.
I hope you have a dancing Friday. Till next time.
Love and the Internet,

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