We all need to write from a place we get. A familiar place and for that I thought:

God, food, family, quiet

The thing with fasting, she thought, was that it was never fully familiar. You could do it and get used to it on most days but on certain days, it was no respecter of persons. It clubbed and clubbed until the soldiers defending you dropped down their defences and you were under seige. Captured. Your stomach desolate. Burnt down like Jerusalem*.

In this case however you’re not really comforted by knowing a day is coming when you will eat. All your focus is on that moment. That day. Perhaps an opening for a meal will arrive. Can it arrive? You know it won’t. So maybe all the prophecies brought by Isaiah and Jeremiah did not pump up the Israelites. They had lost their glory beyond redemption as they saw it.

But God had a plan.

Dear stomach, on days you’re lost and depressed, God has a plan. Jerusalem was restored. Yaaay people. Yaaay.

* Jerusalem’ capture is recorded in 2 Kings 25 and see Haggai2:9 for the hope for the later house.

N. B: I’m no foodie. I just have to write about the things on my heart, you get it:)?
Though our outer man perishes, our inner man is being renewed. Yaaaay🙌.

Love and more fasting,
Your girl,


    1. Hi Lorna. Nice having you around. I went through the post and your story is rather beautiful and honest.
      It’s rare if impossible to get a fasting expert so don’t worry about being new to it😉
      Thanks for stopping by to comment.
      Have a great week!

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      1. Debby I am just getting this comment now. THANK YOU for your encouragement. You have a great week too..Seek first His Kingdom and Righteousness..then watch the rest fall into place..(although not the places we imagined) Blessings

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