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Dear Fearful Christian,

Sweep the ocean floors
will you?
I will do so with you
We need little water
Just up to our necks
Every once in a while
Watch the fireworks at night
Will you?
Let nature perform it’s wonders
and your eyes the gazing
Your mouth the laughing
Let your mind be awed
Let your skirt like mine sweep the sand of the beach
Flutter in the wind
Try it
Loose the bands on your hair
You won’t be unholy
Just the wind. A little wind
Call out to the God of zion
He loves air just like you do
Don’t be afraid.
You’re still holy
Let it echo when u find out
What holiness really means

Mean girl's words

Hiii preciousssss. Happy new month. Noticed the changed logo? I took the picture on sept2, my birthday. Yaaaaay ! Maybe sometimes I could go into the story of what I learnt through my birthday this year. You could indicate in the comment section if you’ll like to read a post on it, already I’m getting excited. Wishing you a happy September as you read mean girl’s words. True words.
It’s been all your life staying at home
You complained murmured and snorted
And sometimes baked unfit donughts
But it was home
The flour, the smell of freshly baked snacks
The customers were your entertainment
Your eyes were Forever rolled as you attended to customers
Your voice was flat
Yet it was home
You made mockery of those you tagged ‘trying to form’
But I won’t call them ‘trying to form’ ,
 I’ll say those group of people were your age mates to whom you felt grated knowing they could afford what u couldn’t
You knew how to laugh with your coworkers till you got watery eyes and your stomach felt empty
It was a baseless laugh and it echoed while you thought it would somehow fill the void inside of u
Don’t call me wicked. No, don’t. I’m not yet started.
Your blue uniform fit like it was the missing end of a jigsaw puzzle
It was home… For you
Yesterday,  you left home
Today,  your face is painted
You’re in a red cloth , perhaps this will come Close
Your steps are unsure
You’ve jested, you were all knowing once
Today it’s you, out of your comfort zone
Today it’s you trying on the new things
They don’t fit
Your voice is softer
Your face undefined
Where’s the permanent snort? 
And the ladies with the real designer bags laugh at you while you Jerk past them, your feet singing a tune different from that of your wedge shoes
You’re new here girl here
And there are rules
While you’re at your own home
Try being kind