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Nigerian Law School Advice

Hi guys! I wanted to upload this post on the blog for close to a month but I had been busy. I’m glad to finally have it up. It’s a part of what I shared on a Law School webinar I was invited on recently. Share with your law school contacts and have an amazing day.

I finished from the Nigerian Law School this year with a first class. I wasn’t surprised when I saw my result but I was surprised at one thing – only five of us made a first class. The year preceding mine at the law school saw over a hundred students bagging a first class and I totally believed it would be the same in my set. Why is it that certain other people didn’t make a first class? I don’t know. I can’t speak for others, but I do speak for myself. I want you to have a similar attitude towards life. Speak for yourself. I did the same thing while in secondary school, I affirmed that if only one person would be granted admission to study Law in the entire nation, it would be me. I made this statement in the course of a discussion some of my classmates were having on change of course from law to other disciplines. Of all that were engaged in that conversation and more, I was the only one to get an admission to study law that year. I say this because law school tales are often to the negative. Be resolute in your mind what it is that you want and stand by it. It is not your business why other people ‘fail’. It is your business that you will succeed. It is not your business that people say there is a casting down, it is your business that your story will be one of a lifting up. Now that I hope we’ve settled the issue of mindset, we will move on to specific tips I think will be of great relevance to you.

1. Why do you want the class of degree you want?
When I got into the University, I didn’t aim for a first class. For my entire period in the University, I didn’t aim for it. I didn’t value it. Entering the Nigerian law school, I valued having a first class and I aimed for it. I desired to give expression to my faith by having a first class. As a Christian, I had understood that God’s plan for me is to be high above every nation he has made for his praise and glory. That was my goal. I also wanted to do it for myself; reveal that it’s not out of my reach. You have to have a value system for the class of degree you want. When you value that class of degree, you should have a reason for wanting that valued degree. Do you value a distinction? Why do you value a distinction?
For those in law school currently, don’t think it’s too late to make up your mind. I’m aware you haven’t had externship yet so time isn’t out.

2.  Work on your subconscious mind:  You can beat your subconscious mind. What you are mostly aware of is your conscious mind. Your subconscious however is a deeper level that holds its own beliefs. Your subconscious thoughts occasionally project into you conscious and so you’re able to detect it.
It’s best if you do some reading into the conscious and subconscious mind.
It’s said that the ‘The mind cannot tell the difference between something that is repeatedly imagined or whether it was an actual experience‘. Pause to read that again. Imagine your excellence. Picture your red scroll (till all you see is red). Use your conscious mind to override your subconscious. Create a confession/affirmation that tells you the kind of excellence you’ll attain. When you do this, it wouldn’t matter the type of ‘strange’ question you face in the exam hall, even your subconscious mind will tell you it’s a walkover. A child’s play. Or when you’re doing your revision and you keep unravelling new aspects you haven’t covered previously in your reading, your subconscious mind will still say ‘no big deal, I’ll trash this course’. On the other hand, people who haven’t controlled their subconscious minds will panic.
Picture your success repeatedly. Affirm your confessions.

3. Read in the way that works best for you. Don’t be intimidated by the way others are reading. I wasn’t the BGS from my University. you don’t have to be the BGS or have made a first class in University for you to bag it in law school. Don’t think that if all the BGS from different schools read overnight, you must read overnight too. It may not be effective for you. If you’re a daytime reader, then, maximize that daytime. Don’t listen to anyone telling you ‘you read too much’. That’s because you know you’re probably asleep by 12mindnight while the other person will likely read during the night. Always read in the manner most effective for you. Use the library if it’s best for you (I advise library), use your room, seminar room or what suits you best. Create fresh notes if it works for you, don’t create notes if it doesn’t work for you. I rarely create notes. I’d rather read and understand over time than create notes with half of the entire time available. But if creating notes works for you, please do. Work with what is effective.
My caveat to this point is don’t be mediocre, claiming “This is what suits me best”. Be challenged by good things. You are not a tree; don’t be stuck in your (unhelpful) ways.

4. Engage the syllabus properly. Don’t just mark reading time. Ensure reading time is spent reading what the examiner expects you to know. Understand what you’re reading. Other than a particular textbook you may have, borrow textbooks written by other authors and get an understanding of each concept. The examiner can always twist the questions, understand the concepts deeply.
Like your lecturers advise, don’t use the blue spiral binded books sold at mammy market. Have a better reading culture than you’re used to.
Read with the lesson outcomes in mind. Please don’t ignore your law school handbook. The handbook contains lesson outcomes, use them to tailor your reading. follow the lesson objectives and be able to speak to each objective authoritatively.

5. Love your drafts. I know you’ve heard that you shouldn’t neglect your drafts but are you adhering to this? You have to become a master of drafts. Each court process, letter e.t.c in each course. Every course has drafts you must learn. Don’t assume that because you weren’t taught the draft in class the way you’re taught charges for example, that it means you don’t need it. You do, please. Each draft. Each, using the law school syllabus. Now there’s nothing like reading draft. Nothing like it. Each time you’re reading and you get to a point to draft, don’t skim over it and think you know it (or will practice it later). Practice it now. Draft it from memory.

6. Use past questions: This helps you to be familiar with how the examiners think. When I began to use pqs, I knew the answers yet I always answered in an Off Point manner. With time, I mastered the skill of answering law school questions. Get to the point please. Someone once told me that in the manner we law students answer questions in University with the IRAC principle, in law school the principle is : Conclusion, Rules, Application, Conclusion. CRAC. Lol, this is not a rule so don’t take it as such. Use or discard it. The real deal is that you go straight to the point. I think CRAC helps with getting to the point but I say this lightly, don’t quote me.

7. If helps to have study groups. It is not compulsory. I think it helps to discuss with other brilliant minds so you’ll know where you’re still lacking. Don’t make an habit of only discussing with people you’re smarter than. That way you won’t know where you have room for improvement.

And if you’re almost always smarter than everyone in the room, no problem. Truthfully.

8. Utilize your externship: Some people have taken this to mean look and pray for a law firm where you’ll not work so you’ll spend the time reading. No. I think working helps you. Moreover, the serious firms sometimes have an arrangement for occasional tutorials. Don’t underestimate what reading tips your immediate (five years and below) seniors in the firm give you. Stop lamenting on the circumstances around your externship, if any. Simply utilize it.

9. Get away from distractions. Law school is for less than a year. Don’t leave law school wondering if you could’ve done better. I wondered very briefly if I could’ve read for longer hours in the library.
Don’t live in a way that you’ll be unsure after everything. Leave no room for more to be done. Uninstall some of your social media applications if you need to. Tell close friends and family the peculiarity of law school. I know someone who gave his family time slots for phone calls. You may have to do this if distractions are always plenty. Don’t say you must see a movie everynight to ‘wash down‘ your reading (especially if your faith practices already take some part of your day) because you know someone who does so. For me, I prioritized my faith so I didn’t have time to gist away. Gist had mostly been replaced by fellowship with God. If you have faith practices that take time, don’t add plenty gist and movie time. Time is precious.

10. Enjoy your one year. You will never have cause to return to Law school in Nigeria again (Amen). So enjoy it. Don’t listen to people that say its a traumatic moment. No. Long before result came out, I already kept telling people how law school was one of the best moments of my life. Because it genuinely was. I enjoyed my Clasfon family and the entire learning process. Stop complaining. Start enjoying.

Bonus point for those currently in Law school: I’ve heard that the Uploaded videos are too heavy so most people don’t watch them. I’ll say if you find an opportunity to get WiFI, download about every video. Hearing your law school lecturer helps. I wish you the best.

I hope this has helped. Let me know your comments belows.

As always,


2020; Our return to the blogosphere

Guys…I was waiting for 2020. Waiting for it. We’re in 2020. It’s been great so far, yes. One reason why I was waiting for 2020 was so I could pick up blogging again. Here I am though, super reluctant to post.

Why? There’s some desire to only put out content that very obviously teaches or exhorts because of the increasing number of blog readers I have. This desire is stalling my blog updates in the anticipated 2020 (Zaza and I used to tag 2020 because with law school ending, there was going to be time to focus on other assignments). 

However, resuming from my writing (not just blogging) hiatus needs some warm-up and the best warm-up is just to journal and keep journalling. Journalling tends to be gisting.

So guys.. Let’s gist

Wait a bit. In further support of my stance to chill-blog is this post, I refer you to a post I uploaded some two years ago where I encouraged (lifestyle) bloggers to feel free to blog their shopping list one day and ‘change the world’ in a blog post the next.

Now, our gists.

I saw a writing sometime recently that says “Kindness is doing to each person, some good each day“. That breaks it down some bunkers, doesn’t it? So kindness is more remarkable in my daily affairs when I do good to someone’s life. When I perform an act, I know what it is and I’m grateful for it. It was kindness when I informed and even helped register my classmates who had the same reg problems I had on a certain portal for final university clearance. It was kindness when I shared gems of wisdom to some of my best girls still in school at a cafe during our short meet up. Kindness, when my sister and i first had some girl talk involving planning various dinner gowns, and when we had spiritual and life building talk. It was kindness (or was it) when I had fun taking pictures with some of my friends (and when I took a pose which embarrasses and crashes my gentle girl credibility). Just add some good.

Ahah…in reference to the crashing of my gentle girl credibility. I did the pose. I really wasn’t doing it. I was joking with my girls and telling them on a light note that we’re conservative and boring with photo styles unlike the many poses we see online. Then I did the stoop, as an example, joking. Or so I thought, until the pictures were presented and we discovered my zealous sister had caught me on camera . My girls weren’t having it. They  got the picture with great joy and strength. Sighs.

Explaining here how there are so many poses we see online
Here’s how its done. And baam, photographer stores it for life.

In other news…I was at a wedding today. It was a double-wedding relating to a set of twins I love from university fellowship. We had to live in the same hostel at some point in university and we had a great time in fellowship.

It was a mini reunion for some of my friends from differing years back. 

With some friends I got to squeeze in some picture with
Sister D

This gets me to one of the gems I shared on friday – (especially if you’re still in university) Know that some of your best friends in life will be those you get in your ‘humble’ state. Without airs of achievements but preferably in the toils of service towards God and plainly desiring him. They’re some of the best friends you’ll ever have; without any fear of betrayal and with confidence that they can correct you at all times no matter what height you reach in life.

Another gem a university student may love to learn is this – invest. Invest in people. Give. Give your time and energy and money. Teach and pray for others in campus fellowship (and beyond). Don’t serve in fellowship half-heartedly. People never ever forget those that poured into them. Its moulding time.

That’s about all the gist I have for now dear people. In clearer terms, I’m back from law school and I got welcomed with imported goodies to munch on.

I also got back to my alma matter to finalize what I didn’t get to before going to law school. In the weeks to come, I’d be resuming my service year and taking on other projects.

I gave a compressed 2019 recap here, if you care for such. Much love and light.

To growth, beauty and confidence to blog again.


Life Update 2019 (1)


Hello gorgeous people. This is the third attempt to write this post – thank God this one is a success. I’ve decided to include my earlier attempts as they bear on all I’m discussing today.

Hey guysss. A life update post is due, yes?

Where do I start from? I’ve had an absolute back-breaking week. But its been a delightful week, all the same. I’m almost through with undergraduate studies. Exams are done and dusted, my project submitted today. All that’s left is to have the finalist send-forth program in my faculty, the send-forth in my fellowship too. Every other thing is by the way. Are you aware that I’ll be proceeding to law school this April? No, of course you aren’t. Well, I’m going. That one is a whole long story on its own!

Argh, I’m failing at this life update thing. Where do I even start to write from?

Now I know what to type unlike what I wrote yesterday. I’m not very fine. I’m not. I’m mentally spaced out. I had a scare this exam period with one of my courses – jurisprudence and legal theory. A real scare that kept me thinking I may have a carryover course for the first time ever, which means an extra year. An extra year when I ought to be at law school. An extra year which will depress me and shatter my esteem. So I prayed and confessed God’s word and was assured of his plan for me, especially seeing as I read for the exam, other things simply went wrong.

I’ve had to read so much for my exams, work on my project and plan the externalities involved with it, work on an assignment, justle re-establishing this blog along side, and carried on my head a responsibility at fellowship which felt like it was otherwise crashing at that time.

I’m not so fine mentally. Some days, I feel like my literal heart is heavy. At the risk of appalling everyone, I wonder if I have a rising blood pressure.

Yet in the midst of all this (in a week and a half), I’ve worshipped God and enjoyed beautiful times with him. But at other times, my heart is heavy. It is. I’ve panicked. Panicked about law school and if I was getting anything right, wondered if I was going to be late for my application.

I don’t know, but I don’t like having an heavy heart. I don’t like not being a free-spirited adult. I don’t want to be light and free simply because I’m not thinking of some stuff. I want to be able to think of all I need to and still be light. I don’t want to jettison anything to the corner of my mind like it isn’t real so I’ll have peace. I just don’t want to. I believe in having peace in spite.


This past week I did all the running around under the sun that comes with completing my final year project. I completed my final year exams. I had major stress over completing my law school application in two days to meet the deadline. There was also the general trepidation of law school and the rush attached to the April batch.

In retrospect, I’m just a stickler for perfection; which is good once I can cast aside the worries that come with it. Till today while I type, a number of my classmates are still not through with the law school application or their projects. For everything we’ve had to do, out of 150+ students, I was always in the first seven to submit on the first day required and to do it thoroughly(by myself). So why fret, young lady? Oh young lady.

This leads me to remember an interesting passage in an even more interesting translation:

Phillipians 4:4-7

Always be filled with joy in the lord. I will say it again. Be filled with joy. Let everyone see that you are gentle and kind. The Lord is coming soon.

Don’t worry about anything, but pray and ask God for everything you need, always giving thanks for what you have.

And because you belong to Christ Jesus, God’s peace will stand guard over all your thoughts and feelings.

His peace can do far better than our human minds.

The last two paragraphs always do the wonder. Peace can stand like a guard over my heart. Peace isn’t passive and negligible, its a warrior (just like TY Bello and Sinach sang here). I get to have this peace simply because I belong to Christ. Thoughts and feelings have no chance before my skillful guard.

This applies to you too, my friend.

Onto other things, do you remember last year I mentioned that I wasn’t sure how blogging would go this year. Everyone says law school is a jealous lover, it wants all your attention. But I’ll be sure to come around as often as I can, even if its just to give you life update posts. I miss writing other posts. Please pray for me. Also subscribe to my newsletter because that is the only sure way of keeping in touch with me. Social media will fail.

Its good to write on here again, are you happy to hear from me too? It’ll be good to read something about your own life update too in the comment box.

Tell me, what do you also think of the new blog layout? If you need someone to fix you up with something similar, I have just the right contact.

Till next week Saturday (or so soon before),

Love and grace,