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2019 Highlights

The first half of 2018 and the second half of 2018 feel lifetimes apart. I couldn’t imagine that January and December were of the same year if it wasn’t for this recap.

Now, the above is exactly the opening paragraph used on a blog I discovered last year.

Same blog inspired me to write my yearly recap in a monthly fashion and not in a manner I was previously inclined to.( )

Isn’t it then interesting that her opening paragraph works for me as well. In experience, January 2019 was a world away from December 2019.

In December, I contemplated changing my mind on the pattern for the recap. I couldn’t envision giving the impression that my year was only a series of events in each month. My year was explosive. I learnt a lot spiritually. I learnt soft skills. These above mentioned things aren’t captured in this physical itinerary blog post. I doubt it really can, so let’s keep up with this pattern then

I hope you’re ready for this loooong post.


I started off the year at home, precisely at TKP retreat, as I have done almost all my life.
One recurring wish in January was that I would have to stop explaining to everyone ‘what I was doing at the moment’. Those two split seconds after I exchange greetings with a person (often older), and they, being somewhat sure I wasn’t working yet, and equally sure there’s been some time since I got admission into university, asked that question. Harmless enough, I still wasn’t a fan of the question. It made me desire to quit student life quickly despite still having law school ahead. Another greeting I was met with every time was ‘how’s school?’. I was synonymous with school, they almost didn’t expect that one could be apart from school. I don’t know which greetings was better.
The month was spent at TKP office doing missionary work, spent working on my final year thesis, spent with my family.


The early part of February was spent in the same manner, while the rest of it was spent at school. I hurried to complete my Final year thesis because final exams were at the door. I couldn’t wave off my desire to have my project work perfect.
I had a few responsibilities to tie up in different quarters – clubs, units and societies I belonged to. And my exams came head on.


March was spent writing my exams, and meeting law school application requirements. There was some lapse in my faculty’s communication to my classmates and I, so we had to complete our applications in such a rush, as the Law school deadline stared us in the face.
My final year thesis was finally completed, approved by my supervisor, and submitted. I spent some part of the month literally running around for my fellowship’s FYB(Final Year Brethren) team.


April was spent in the realization that law school was really here, I spent it catching up with a few friends. We had some FYB programs and yours truly was sourcing for funds for our final activities (I was assistant general secretary for my FYB). I have this audio recording on my phone which was made on the eve of my company law exam. It had been a Wednesday i.e weekly fellowship day and I had exerted myself to get funds for the dinner we were to have, my emotions were scattered and as I tried to have a revision discussion with one of my friends at night, I just couldn’t concentrate. So in my recording that night, I narrated the event to myself and then sang a certain song. Read my video hack post here to know more.

To round up the FYB activities was our commissioning service and dinner. At the dinner, I won best dressed female which I was running away from! Guess where I came in second? Cool, Calm and Collected award. And this was the award I didn’t mind bagging. My opinion was that FYB stress had me running about like adiye to ko somi, so why would I win CCC? Lol.
I spent the rest of the month going through the hassles of medical tests for law school. I spent it expecting to resume at law school.

There was also the graduation program for Law students in my school.


May? May was spent still waiting to resume law school. May was spent befuddled sometimes. In the dark parts, I was unhappy with some of my relationships and I couldn’t tell them why. I wrote and addressed letters to two people, but tore them right back. I spent it afraid of messing up future relationships through my flaws. Then in the lighter part of May, I spent it still seeing my flaws, but drawing nearer to Jesus for his perfection to rub off on me.
I concluded May resuming at the Nigerian law school.


June was spent integrating into the law school life. Meeting new friends, worshipping at Clasfon. Laughing with friends, taking pictures, soaking in God’s presence in Clasfon meetings.


My externship program started and having finally looked through the pros and cons of having the experience in Abuja, Lagos or Ilorin, Lagos won. I was adjusting to Magistrate Davies court style, adjusting to Lagos’ danfo buses and navigating it’s roads. The month faded into reading of law school books and taking pictures of the court room cause list so I would try to tie up the cases later on – such annoying task.


In August I thought what’er betide me at this law chamber. The first firm I was posted to, I found it unsuited to match the externship goals (hear, hear law students) and reported back to law school. My second posting was to a great firm. Two days in, and I was surprised at how many lawyers I had met. Some of whom became my friends.
I had strict hours unlike that which some other firms prescribed for externs. I had my fun and comfort learning there.
Lagos traffic shifted into a greater intensity and was coupled with the scarcity of busses, guys I’m still unnerved thinking of some of that Lagos situationship. Uploading on this blog hit a low, mostly due to no ability to leverage on my inspirations.

With some friends after our first UI group discussion at law school; posing with one of the many wall arts at my externship law firm; my externship magistrate courtroom; One of the friends I first connected deeply with in law school; goofing after our first UI discussion; with a friend at our lawschool welcome cocktail; eating at the cafeteria in my externship law firm; On my way to the firm; First week in law school


September caught me still at at the law firm.
My birthday on the 2nd, sneaked up on me and left me humbled and honoured, altogether.
Soon enough, I was waving goodbye to the people at the firm. I somewhat dreaded school even though for the longest time I had hoped for resumption. I found the reason to be the practice of law. No matter what I said on the extremely tiring days, law spoke my language and I enjoyed the summer affair.


I was quickly inducted back into the law school system. I began to anticipate my elder sister’s wedding. I travelled for my sister’s wedding and had a world of experience (a part of which I shared about here). I got back to school and slept in class on my first day back, dozed in class on the second day. Soon enough though, I was re-settled in the system and I no longer dozed. The relief.

My sister’s wedding


November caught me solving past questions and discovering my shortcomings in my preparation for exams. Truth dawned on all, well, almost all. Exams were right around the corner. I was having some great time fellowshiping with the people of God at Clasfon. Finally, I had a pressure cooker mock trials. Pressure cooker because the preparation was for a really short time;and despite the names on paper, we were short of hands to get in the dirt. I was prosecution counsel and not defence, that meant more hardwork – we (Three prosecutors) created plenty detailed exhibits, prepped our own witnesses, and then got to the actual lawyers job. Pressure cooker. It wasn’t a levelled playing field at the end of the day, notwithstanding, the lessons I learnt were the real deal.


Whooo. All my life actions here were primarily tied to reading law school texts and anticipating the freedom in late January. It was spent growing in faith and reading for exams. With exams at full speed, my unit in Clasfon, the Prayer team still took time out for an exclusive in-house retreat for three days. Clasfon NLS Abuja 2019 and Clasfon prayer team was the best part of my law school experience.

Harmattan season in Bwari Abuja hit hard this month. My lovely paternal grandmother was buried this month but I didn’t get to attend – law school exams. Law school reading was the reason this blog was also on a hiatus. It was interesting the reformation that had happened to my thinking while at the law school. It was interesting how I started the year disliking two questions and where I had come to by December.

December then winded up with my exams on the eve. With my praise unleashed. And with my lessons cherished.

I hope 2019 was an amazing one for you. Even if it wasn’t, call it amazing. Name your years. Name 2020. I already called 2020 what it would be while in 2019 and it cannot be anything short of that.

I hope this blog blesses you exceedingly this year.

Love and light,


Life Update 2019 (1)


Hello gorgeous people. This is the third attempt to write this post – thank God this one is a success. I’ve decided to include my earlier attempts as they bear on all I’m discussing today.

Hey guysss. A life update post is due, yes?

Where do I start from? I’ve had an absolute back-breaking week. But its been a delightful week, all the same. I’m almost through with undergraduate studies. Exams are done and dusted, my project submitted today. All that’s left is to have the finalist send-forth program in my faculty, the send-forth in my fellowship too. Every other thing is by the way. Are you aware that I’ll be proceeding to law school this April? No, of course you aren’t. Well, I’m going. That one is a whole long story on its own!

Argh, I’m failing at this life update thing. Where do I even start to write from?

Now I know what to type unlike what I wrote yesterday. I’m not very fine. I’m not. I’m mentally spaced out. I had a scare this exam period with one of my courses – jurisprudence and legal theory. A real scare that kept me thinking I may have a carryover course for the first time ever, which means an extra year. An extra year when I ought to be at law school. An extra year which will depress me and shatter my esteem. So I prayed and confessed God’s word and was assured of his plan for me, especially seeing as I read for the exam, other things simply went wrong.

I’ve had to read so much for my exams, work on my project and plan the externalities involved with it, work on an assignment, justle re-establishing this blog along side, and carried on my head a responsibility at fellowship which felt like it was otherwise crashing at that time.

I’m not so fine mentally. Some days, I feel like my literal heart is heavy. At the risk of appalling everyone, I wonder if I have a rising blood pressure.

Yet in the midst of all this (in a week and a half), I’ve worshipped God and enjoyed beautiful times with him. But at other times, my heart is heavy. It is. I’ve panicked. Panicked about law school and if I was getting anything right, wondered if I was going to be late for my application.

I don’t know, but I don’t like having an heavy heart. I don’t like not being a free-spirited adult. I don’t want to be light and free simply because I’m not thinking of some stuff. I want to be able to think of all I need to and still be light. I don’t want to jettison anything to the corner of my mind like it isn’t real so I’ll have peace. I just don’t want to. I believe in having peace in spite.


This past week I did all the running around under the sun that comes with completing my final year project. I completed my final year exams. I had major stress over completing my law school application in two days to meet the deadline. There was also the general trepidation of law school and the rush attached to the April batch.

In retrospect, I’m just a stickler for perfection; which is good once I can cast aside the worries that come with it. Till today while I type, a number of my classmates are still not through with the law school application or their projects. For everything we’ve had to do, out of 150+ students, I was always in the first seven to submit on the first day required and to do it thoroughly(by myself). So why fret, young lady? Oh young lady.

This leads me to remember an interesting passage in an even more interesting translation:

Phillipians 4:4-7

Always be filled with joy in the lord. I will say it again. Be filled with joy. Let everyone see that you are gentle and kind. The Lord is coming soon.

Don’t worry about anything, but pray and ask God for everything you need, always giving thanks for what you have.

And because you belong to Christ Jesus, God’s peace will stand guard over all your thoughts and feelings.

His peace can do far better than our human minds.

The last two paragraphs always do the wonder. Peace can stand like a guard over my heart. Peace isn’t passive and negligible, its a warrior (just like TY Bello and Sinach sang here). I get to have this peace simply because I belong to Christ. Thoughts and feelings have no chance before my skillful guard.

This applies to you too, my friend.

Onto other things, do you remember last year I mentioned that I wasn’t sure how blogging would go this year. Everyone says law school is a jealous lover, it wants all your attention. But I’ll be sure to come around as often as I can, even if its just to give you life update posts. I miss writing other posts. Please pray for me. Also subscribe to my newsletter because that is the only sure way of keeping in touch with me. Social media will fail.

Its good to write on here again, are you happy to hear from me too? It’ll be good to read something about your own life update too in the comment box.

Tell me, what do you also think of the new blog layout? If you need someone to fix you up with something similar, I have just the right contact.

Till next week Saturday (or so soon before),

Love and grace,