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Ladies and football; Analyzing the big deal (2)

While in secondary school, I had two close female friends who loved football and discussed it every chance they got.
I never knew a football match was scheduled to happen that day until they were discussing. Oh, well. It never did hurt me, so cool.
Except that my new roommate in a space of two weeks after meeting her asked asked me twice if I liked football. So the mind wheels got rolling on how and why women develop a liking for football. That is what this series is about + critiquing societal expectations.

Right now, I can name only a few football teams: Chelsea, Arsenal, Man U, Liverpool, Barcelona. Boy, am I brilliant or what?

I’m granting some female friends short interviews on this subject. I can’t fit them all into one post so its going to come in form of a series.
Happy reading.
The second in the series is here.

Ife is the second of those friends from secondary school. Ife is one person I think would never get bored of watching football even as a grandmother.
She answers…

1. When did you have your first football consciousness? Did you love it immediately?

Well I had it in Jss1. I think the match I fully remember at first was against Barcelona for champions league final. I went to watch with my dad and my brother at Kwara hotel that day because there was no light at home. Well as you may guess, we lost. I was very pissed that day because we deserved that match and the winning goal was pure ojoro…but you know things just didn’t work our way. Yeah, I think that was my first footbal consciousness, and to answer you next aspect, yes, it was very exciting because we were voicing different opinions to the players eventhough they couldn’t hear us. lol.
2. Do you think having brothers or a father who loves football impacted your fancy?
Yes ooooo….it definetly did, because we were always discusing every pass, drible, foul, penalty kick, corner free kicks and so on. Every messed up game a player was playing and every attempt at a goal too, if it was a good shot…we would all yell and if it was a bad one, we would shout at the player.?

3. How do you describe the reaction from both sexes when people discover you love football?
Its always a surprised look I get and an exciting smirk. The last champions league final that they played, when I was entering the viewing center gate.. those there were all looking at me like ???? what is this girl looking for here? The guy who was beside me was just staring at me whenever I made some comments or I shouted at a player, he was like “…wow”. He said it always excites him when he meets a girl that loves ball.
Well, some girls get picked up from there? and the rest is history.

4. I only watch it? Or I watch and play?

I only watch now. I stopped playing when I was in primary 5. We were playing football in the quadrangle of the school. The ball went out for a throw in, the ball got to my feet and I played a shot. It hit the daughter of a teacher straight on the head and she fainted. I was terrified that day because I knew I was in trouble. She went to report me and I was scolded. I told myself that I won’t ever play again.
5. On a wild trip, do you mind marrying a guy who has no interest in football? Do you think it weird?
Ohhh hell no! What’s the fun in that? Imagine on a saturday as a woman, you sit down, tune the channel to a football station and your husband is like what are you doing? He wants to watch something else…as a football lover, certainly you would be pissed.
So to avoid all that drama…..don’t get involved with a guy who doesn’t love one of the things you’re passionate about because it can cause wahala!
Bonus Question: What’s your football team?
I was born into an Arsenal loving family, so I automatically bcame an Arsenal fan…but I still love some other clubs like Real madrid, Barcelona, Bayern munich, Psg . I just dabble around some English clubs if they play well. over all, I’m an Arsenal fan to the core!

Aww, the primary 5 incidence.
Did you guys also notice Ife has turned to a marriage counsellor over football? She says to avoid wahala. ?

You guys know the drill.
Tell me, what do you think? Ladies, do you fancy football or you have teams just for the sake of being able to make contributions?
Guys, are you indifferent to football? Or you’re saying “please please please!, what’s the meaning of indifference?
Final instalment in the series comes up on Saturday then something exciting the following Wednesday!
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