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Some of my favourite YouTube Vloggers

Hi guys! At the time of writing this, I had had quite an interesting day on YouTube. At the time of publishing this though, I barely think sending Vloggers your way is super productive but it can be super relaxing. I’m also trying to be consistent with blogging once again. I hope you find this post helpful.

In no particular order, welcome:


I found this channel very recently and the channel in itself is quite new.

What do I like about this channel? It’s Jackie and Preston. They’re the ones I like.

Despite knowing of them, I had never followed either’s spoken word pieces until I found this channel. When you head over to their channel, start with the very first video they uploaded; Meet the Perrys.

I think Jackie is always bursting lines. Lord, may I be as effortlessly cool as Jackie ?. The first two days after I watched their channel, guess what I did in my comfortable moments: created rhymes with my everyday words. I decided to stop though because ko le werk.

2. BIBIANA YETTY: Bibiana’s channel doesn’t need so much gist. It speaks for itself. I like family vlogs a lot so I love watching hers. She’s a Nigerian-British mom who’s a good christian. She’s very intentional about her family life. She models true intentionality with her husband and each of her children despite being a working Dentist in the UK.

3. THE KESENAS: Young, ever-smiling Joshua and Ope. Not to forget baby Hadassah. I like that they’re grounded in the word and still project ease with their channel. They share on relationships and family life. They’re completely relatable, that’s why I like them.

4. OHEMGEES/ YETUNDE’S VLOG: I like Yetunde’s personality. No pretense. Inner class. Lol. I see reflections of her principles when I watch her videos sometimes. She’s down to earth. She and her husband (who’s apparently popular in the entertainment industry) run the OheEmGees channel. She also has her personal channel – Yetunde Vlogs.

5. KEMI OYEDEPO: Now this is an exception to my vlog list. Her channel isn’t a vlog but in my head, it feels like one. I feel like I get insights into her life so she qualifies for this list. Her channel is a ministry platform for families – CrisisProof Your Family. I like her because she’s calm, wise and moderate. With peng carriage. She’s Bishop Oyedepo’s daughter in law.

6. TOSIN ALABI: One other person who draws me in with her vivaciousness yet locks me in with her principles. Tosin is chill. I’ve followed her for some years, right from when she principally blogged till now that she vlogs. Tosin doesn’t carry life ontop of her head. She laughs and being around her (online) keeps you light. Tosin likes to watch and dance to African praise songs. Her bible study videos can be found uploaded after her makeup and wig videos. Lol.

7. AYOPE TV: These guys can laugh for Africa. I’ve had some fun moments with them. They’re a Christian couple with two adorable daughters. They mostly do content on family living.

I watch a few other vlogging channels but I’d rather write about these ones only. Principally, I’ve enjoy watching vlogs done by joyful people. Joyful people that have depth. Joy is a matter of choice. I may follow up by writing about certain YouTube channels (other than lifestyle vlogs) I really appreciate.

Have a wonderful weekend. Don’t forget to laugh a lot. Joy is a matter of choice. “Don’t tight the world to your chest” is our Naija speak.

Tell me your favourite YouTube vlogs (and other channels) in the comment section below.

Love and joy,