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Blow your own mind

Heyyy guys. How are you doing? That you’re here reading again shows you’re taking at least one right step. Welcome back?. Reading is always the way to go. To more books in 2019?.
Early last year, I wrote a post on books: 2018 in books; it was to give you tips for reading better in 2018. Towards the close of last year, I thought to myself: Debby, you’re no longer giving out tips on reading because just how many books are you yourself reading?! (The impostor syndrome post guys). I know people that read double what I read, so what? I have a lesson to share. In that eureka, here I am writing again on the importance of reading (I just can’t help it. It’s from my heart).
I have a whole lot ahead of me in the future, but where I am now, I am grateful for it. To be frank with you, a bulk of it came through reading or other forms of learning. I see people’s reaction in certain instances and I see mine(inserts grave modesty), I ask myself what the distinguishing factor is and I know its wisdom.
I remember seeing a tweet once where someone asked people to comment on the things they were most happy about themselves. One blogger wrote “I’m glad that I’m aware”. Just like that. Aware. Not aware of abc or xyz. Aware. I think that is beautiful. I never forgot since then and I hope to always be aware. Plain awareness is on a whole deeper level. It is a conscious living birthed through a constant desire to learn.
That’s what this post is about- learning by all means.
My guess is I could’ve read an additional twelve books to the number I read last year if I had gathered the time I spent listening to podcasts, audio bible, audio books, Christian messages ( videos included) and turned them on to books. I could’ve. I’m glad I didn’t though. Why? It isn’t about the number of books you cover, it is about the knowledge, and if you can glean it through other sources, by all means go ahead. I had an explosion both reading and listening. Go out on a limb to learn and not just to get to the last page of a book.
The aim Is knowledge, guys. Knowledge. When you know, you are empowered anywhere you go. For Christians, it is the Holy Spirit who breathes on the knowledge(resources) you already have and turns it to wisdom. That’s the secret. Have you read the exchange of the debtor woman in 2 Kings 4: 1 – 7? Vs2:

Elisha said to her, What shall I do for you? Tell me, what have you [of sale value] in the house? She said, Your handmaid has nothing in the house except a jar of oil.

The little jar of oil which she regarded for nothing was the catalyst for her miracle of abundance. You must always have something that can be leveraged upon. So guys, challenge yourselves. Know some more this year, do better in learning by listening and reading. Ask questions, observe. You’ll be richer for it. Awareness will always make the difference.
From the depth of my heart, this is my first message to you in 2019. Read. Listen. Learn. Stay aware. Blow your own mind.
As always,
Love and light.

Re: 2018 in Books.

I thought it only relevant to remind us of this post from the beggining of the year. how far with our goals?not too late to make determined effort for the second half of the year, yes?
Happy new month. How was January? This post has to with the new year 2018, I know this isn’t January anymore but I think February works just fine.
Now, I want you to note this excerpt, I’ll explain it at the end, so read through:

The average attention span for the notoriously ill-focused goldfish is nine seconds, but according to a new study from Microsoft Corp., people now generally lose concentration after eight seconds, highlighting the affects of an increasingly digitalized lifestyle on the brain.

When this blog post idea came to me, I discarded it. I know books lovers; dedicated bibliophiles who are better suited to write posts like this. Sometimes, I don’t even read.
In a moment of eureka though, I decided to go ahead with writing this because some of my blog readers do not know these bibliophiles that I know but they do know me and what I have to write is valid.

This purpose of this post isn’t to tell you how many books you should aim to read this year, I didn’t even keep tabs on my 2017 books. I sometimes wish I did. This brings me to the first thing I think you should note:

  • Keep tabs on the books you read. You should probably write them down in a certain notebook. I know someone who makes a thread out of it on her Twitter account and pins it. Doing this will help you with a mental review when you want to recall all you’ve learnt through books at the close of the year.
  • Aim at new genres. Its good you read the kind of books you read. Its true you’re faster when you’re reading them. However, reading other genres has the effect of broadening your world view and will even help you form a solid opinion on why you still dislike that genre or why you now favour it.

  • This is not a competition. Don’t stress yourself. The aim of reading is to be a better person. Knowledge is power. Some aim at a chapter a day, some twenty minutes a day. If you choose to publish the number of books you’ve read, good for you. If you choose not to, good for you. Just don’t fuss about the number. Savour each book. Reading hurriedly just to get a medal among your friends takes too much energy. It even shows the books you’re reading are yet to make you rational in that regard.
  • Review/ Hold a book discussion. This is to be done after each book. You can have a literary journal for this purpose. After each book, write down what you think, what idea you disagree with, if you will love to read other books by that author. The alternative thing is to discuss the book with someone who has read it too. It helps you have coherent thoughts about the book, to maximize it.
  • Buy and read. What you invest in, you treasure. The reason you’re still having oil drip on other people’s books is that you’ve not spent well enough on your own books. Also, Read. don’t boast of the number of books you have if you won’t open them. That’s not to say you can’t buy books in advance. By all means, please do. Just make sure you’re making progress.

  • Last of all, for this purpose, the internet is going to have to be your enemy. Seriously. Social media auto-check gives way for a page or two of a book. It’ll help if you always have a small book in your bag to read while waiting at any point. Cheat on your phone; read a book.

    I really do hope that at the end of this year, rather than having more whatsapp chat partners, you would’ve learnt new words from books at the very least. ?

    Yes, the attention span issue. This is the widely held belief like I stated above:

    The average attention span for the notoriously ill-focused goldfish is nine seconds, but according to a new study from Microsoft Corp., people now generally lose concentration after eight seconds, highlighting the affects of an increasingly digitalized lifestyle on the brain.

    That’s why you have to be intentional about the fact that you want to read a book and complete it (Completing it. Very essential. ?). There is a divergent view to this attention span theory on read up here if you’re interested in truly working on this issue. Happy New month to you!
    Books, knowledge, power,
    What’s your philosophy on reading? Do you write down the number of books you read? Ever held a book discussion? What are your 2018 book goals?

    Life and books!

    ​There is a place that gives me hope. That makes me certain that’s where I belong. Isn’t it time to reconsider some things? To write?” 

    This was my thought which I penned down after re-reading purple hibiscus. I felt I was in the inner caucus of literally conscious people. Those who read, recognize and respect brilliant statements and plots. There are times I read genius pieces of work or simply a profound sentence and all I can wonder on is, if other people would understand what I just read to be exclusively brilliant. 
    For some people, a story is a story. Shame. For some people, an overly dramatic dialogue is a story( all those episodes of ‘stories’ that run on whatsapp as broadcast messages). Ignorance ( I’m not disputing that those write-ups have their place in the world but a good story, fiction is a whole lot more than that). For some people, story is a waste of time. In response to that, I’ll hold my peace. Or perhaps answer you by saying, Jesus told stories.
    I’ve been well. Pushing through the days with more knowledge. A few moments of precious and incomparable exclusiveness with God. Times of combing through books too. 
    I recently completed Frank Peretti’s the visitation ( quite lengthy) and I’m reading 26A by Diana Evans, for fiction. 
    In terms of Christian literature, I’m in between a million books. What I often do is read necessary chapters from them. My holiday has been cut short and that has destabilized my reading plans. These are the ones I’ve focused on however: I’ve read from E.M Bounds on Prayer (this is the combination of all seven books he has written on the subject matter of prayer). I’ve read from Phillip Yancey’s The Jesus I never knew ( I got propelled to return to this book after completing the visitation ). I’ve also been reading Watchman Nee’s secret to spiritual power .
    I’m constantly reading articles from around the web.
    I’m enjoying Afoma’s book’d series.
    I recently got intrigued by Uche Okonkwo‘s simplicity in writing. 
    By the way, I feel I should  pursue knowledge on the art of being an editor.
    ☺okay, this is a simple way of letting you know I’ve resumed blogging again. Exams got nothing on me. Before I say bye, I enjoyed this two quotes this week and I think you would too:

    If Jesus had never lived we would not have been able to invent him                                 -Walter Wink
    When i saw you, I fell in love and you smiled because you knew                                                                                                     -Aerigo Boito

    Okay, have a wonderful week. Come back to read some more posts!
    As always, love,