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the lad

Prov 20:11
it is by his deeds that a lad distinguishes himself
if his conduct is pure and right

Daddy made me paste this bible passage by my bed. He is a firm believer in waking up to read your motivation. What daddy doesn’t know which I’m certain mummy does, is that I don’t wake up to read what is by my bed. In fact I don’t look to that side. I wake up when mummy comes to the room speaking rapid Yoruba, asking If it wasn’t ‘morning enough for me to rise’, her hands smelling of something from the kitchen. The smell I still love the most is that of meat broth. Ezekiel had come to school one day and thrust his thin fingers in my face asking me to smell it. It was weird that he was proud of cooking meat before coming to school but it also led me to envy him. Envy that he could have a spontaneous early morning life, and be prone to eating meat while cooking it. Mummy won’t let me near anything other than washing plates or other errands.
Perhaps daddy will find another way to have me learn it, to read the post by my bed wouldn’t work.
young young

green and yellow

Well I wrote this about five months ago. Here:
the lady with the green and yellow umbrella
I watched her go
a little stiffness to her steps
a little rigidity of the back
dressed in a beautiful suit
but you can tell by the shoes
brown leather shoes; it had it’s victory story
it had been with the cobbler one too many times
it had fought it’s own good fight.
She’s in her late thirties
wondering when it will pay off
countless sacrifices
sleepless nights, long nights at the office
no significant progress
perhaps I’m wrong
perhaps I’m quick to judge
but my silent apology dies in my mouth
and against my wish my lips tug up as my predictions do not taunt me
a lady in an Honda accord comes speeding by, splashing water on her
she screams out
her bag falls from her hand
she drops to her knees sobbing
just before
the green and yellow umbrella comes tumbling down