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Hello "knowees"

I think the Internet is a strange place. Personally I’ve always been uncomfortable about people I know reading my blog(unless you’re really close to me) .
I’ve always been more comfortable when strangers find my blog and relate to it. In fact when you relate to my writings as a stranger, you delight me. Strangers turned family. Truly, we’re more alike than we think.
On the other hand, I feel the need to make the blog ‘something more’ for people who know me in person.
So, as I get to hear from people I know as the days roll by, that they read my blog, I just feel weird. Does that happen to anyone else? Anybody?
What then is the deal? I am a world? in myself. I love music yet I don’t appear to music lovers, to love music. If someone who knows me in person reads a blog post where I write about music, I wouldn’t ring so familiar to them. Yet I really do love music. Do you get me?
Someone once said “perfect is the enemy of done”.
If I keep after the perfect post, the perfect post, there wouldn’t be a post.
If I keep after maintain the right picture of myself for everyone I know then I wouldn’t be me. I’m a world in myself, thank you very much. And I choose to express myself. See, its Debby’ expression. A place where I don’t have to shout to be heard.
A big shout out to all who know me and read my blog. You don’t always have to be silent. Comment once in a while;) and let a girl smile.
Yeah the spotlight is on my ‘knowees’ today. Happy Sunday.
Love and Peace,