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2019 Life Update (2)

There are days when I remind myself that calmness is the way.

There are days I remind myself that poetry is my language, and that I can never, even if I try, escape solitude.

Living outside of home in the busy city of Lagos and hitching bus rides from the mainland to the island daily has left little to imagine, literary-wise.

I haven’t been motivated to document, I haven’t been inclined to create.
But I did travel home for a short while, and I enjoyed the familiarity of my family’s language, the shared laughter, the exquisite family altar.

Reading good poetry and writing in the space of my travel home, I was conscious of the fact that I’m slowly finding my way back to the heart of literature.
My love for law is unquestionable, but you can well question my love for a hectic and pensive life.

While I’ll love to practice, I would also love to dictate my hours. To study my bible, comparing translations with translations and journalling my findings. In the midst of which I’ll like to roll on the ground in worship. And no, Saturdays only won’t cut it.

While I’ll love to exercise my legal skills and contribute to the world of finance, I can tell you without a fee that I’ll like to read Wole Soyinka and Tiwalade and follow Rudy Francisco again. I’ll love to hold the pages of a book with a child and read to them, unrushed. I’ll love to imagine, and to create.

Law, literature. Where do you intersect? Where do you come alive?

But erhm…the part of that intense literature appears to suit the year 2020 better, or what do fellow students of the Nigerian law school say?

What do you think?

Love from this end,



I wish for your sake I had taken a picture of my two-days old toothbrush while it was unused. Although I must admit that doesn’t cross the mind of many at the time of purchase. 
So at FoodCo stores, I bought a toothbrush, uhm ‘dynamic plus’. DISCLAIMER; this is not a hate post just in case your cousin’s friend’s nephew works there. So there I was at the toothbrush section, having a dilemma. What toothbrush to pick, what toothbrush to pick. There was the familiar oral B then others. Among others, I saw a beautiful pink and white toothbrush. I selected it. I had even had some minutes discussion with my sister on why she should pick oral B while I picked this one. 
Well first night, I used it before I slept and it was frigging hard. Someone say hard. Really it was but no cause for alarm. Now night two rolled around ( just in case you’re wondering, I did brush in the morning, just with my old toothbrush) and I took the toothbrush again but this time, amidst the foam in my mouth, I felt something else. It was only when I brought out my toothbrush out that I discover it was all coming out. I mean the white strands which brush the teeth themselves. The brush. Really just touch them and they pull off. How much weaker can you get?
 I’m currently staring at the toothbrush, dazed. Even the N30 brush I bought in school once was better! So I just really had that surprise paralysis then decided to make a post to the effect of my new toothbrush. Enclosed are pictures. For now, I leave you with a poem;
It is pink and white
It is fake
It is soft to touch
Hard to brush
Oh who shall deliver me from the power of toothbrush
The pictures aren’t very clear, i took them with my laptop. I also took these with my laptop
This is my room. Roommates are saying hello.