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Hacksaw Ridge — Movie Recommendation

I’ve struggled with how exactly I want to go about writing this post. Unlike Captive, I can’t summarize it, I’ve tried, it gets too long and my account I think, is too underwhelming, but I’ll try.
The title is Hacksaw ridge and it appears boring at the start. I could’ve been discouraged at how silly the star actor was when he first fell in love but I persevered.
Since I persevered and learnt from it, let me attempt a recap while encouraging you to see it. Or atleast learn from it too.
This story is really just a story of commitment. And of bravery.
When you make a commitment, stick to it. Believe in it and wait by it even when you’re the only one doing so.
Would you believe if I told you Desmond Doss was the only man to go into world war II (and one of the fiercest war spots for that matter) without bearing a single arm or firing one, and yet he was the one who received the highest rank after the war. Would you believe me?
Desmond who valued his faith so much and went into the battle bearing his bible and no guns*. He was no stranger to rejection.
The war was on and America needed more young men to enlist to fight. Desmond did. At the training facility, he was repeatedly ridiculed, scorned and ostracized for preparing to go into battle without touching a gun. He insisted that he enlisted to be a medic because he wanted to help his country but he had no intention of ever taking a life, war or not.
For this reason, the commander framed him for disobeying an order and he faced the military tribunal at the risk of really being sent to prison if found guilty.

His courage to serve and not give up was inspiring. He knew what he was there for and he didn’t mind missing his wedding just for that! (Wedding).
He believed the war was justified but that killing wrong.
When asked:

But why is it so important to you to go into battle when you won’t touch a rifle?

He said:

But when the Japanese attacked Pearl Habour, I took it personally. Everyone I knew was on fire to join up including me. two men from my hometown, declared fire unfit, they killed themselves because they couldn’t serve. I had a job and a defence plan, I could have taken it but that ain’t right. It isn’t right that other men should fight and die, that I would just be sitting at home safe. I need to serve. I had the energy and the passion to serve as a medic – right in the middle with the other guys, no less danger just while everybody else is taking life, I’m gonna be saving it.

With the world so set on tearing itself apart, don’t seem like such a bad thing to me to want to put a little of it back together”

Located ontop of a 400 foot cliff with the Japanese heavy weaponry, war ship range and brutal soldiers, was Hacksaw Ridge on the island of Okinawa. That was the location of a near-impossible mission during the second world war.
On site, the battle was as fierce as expected and death was hosting the party. Desmond Doss got to work in the midst of the chaos; saving the wounded by first aid treatment and getting them back to safety. He didn’t give up on anyone no matter how badly injured they were. He kept this up for the period they warred.

On one of those days, it was a fierce battle and the soldiers, it appeared, fought a loosing war. The battalion was commanded to retreat. And while everyone did that, Desmond couldn’t. He knew he heard his GOD calling to him in the voices of the wounded and dying soldiers who were crying from pain and certain of death from the enemy. [It reminds me of that line in the hymn “where duty calls or danger, be never wanting there”**]
Desmond Doss got to work pulling the fallen soldiers from the battleground even though he had no one to support him. That day, the Japanese came down from the other end where they camped and upturned the rubble looking to ‘finish’ anyone that wasn’t already dead. Inspite of his close shave with death, being the only uninjured American soldier on ground, he escaped being seen and kept on dragging his injured and fallen soldiers to safety all through the night and all alone. His hands bled from pulling on the rope he used to let them down the cliff, but he kept on. His strength failed but he kept on.
And while he did that crazy work, he kept muttering “please help me get one more. Lord, one more” On and on he continued until his soldiers discovered wounded soldiers from America who were being let down mysteriously. They were able to come back for him in the morning.
That night, he had singlehandedly in the face of fire saved 75 dying men and given them hope by using a rope to let them down the cliff. Desmond did this despite being about the smallest in size to them all. That night, he had given hope to his commander and commrades who had fallen (legs blasted, gunshot wounds etc) and who thought they would writhe in pain till they eventualy die (either from the brutal Japanese or the pain). Desmond Doss had given hope to those whose families were waiting for them back in America. He was shaken but he made it back fine.
He became the only inspiration for which these other soldiers would agree to go to the battle front the next day. They knew they wouldn’t just be casualties left to die, they would matter in the scheme of things. If they fell, they may be brought back to die at the American camp.
So again the next day, Desmond rescued them as they fell.

And finally, he courageously gave up himself to keep the people out of terrible harm’s way in an act of kicking two greenades away from his team. He got injured; but the deed was already done – the Japanese were already defeated. What few was left of them surrendered.
Desmond Doss was the hope giver, the life saver. The bible-but-no-arms bearing soldier who said “With the world so set on tearing itself apart, don’t seem like such a bad thing to me to want to put a little of it back together” and he did just that.
He was the first to receive America’s highest medal of honour for service above and beyond the call of duty.
The movie was directed by Mel Gibson. Written by Andrew Knight and Robert Schenkkan. Running time: 139 Minutes
The movie has this website.
P.S: In case you’re still unsure, it’s a true life story!
* His refusal to bear arms at all during a war wasn’t because he condemned other Christians who did so. It was borne out of a pledge he made to God in his teenage years after two close shaves with almost killing people.
** if you’re not used to KJV English style, “be never wanting there” means you should volunteer to help in time of need. We shouldn’t be in need of help and you’re wanting (not available).
I hope you’ve been inspired.
What do you think? Have you seen this movie? Are you inspired to do so?
Love light, and courage

Movie Reccomendation- CAPTIVE

Hello there.
There is this movie I saw. I thought it could bless you, so I have a summary of it here. It would be good if you can see the movie or read up the real life story online. It’s grace all the way. It’s the story of the Atlanta hostage heroine.
Warning: This is a fairly long post but it’s worth it.?
Title: Captive
It opens up with a mother and daughter having some swell time playing dress up together.
Ashley Smith wakes up from her sleep, and is agitated by that dream she had. She sniffs in some drug.
The next scene is an addict recovery group meeting. She confesses to loosing everything due to her addiction.

“Each time I take it, I tell myself this is the last time but then I just can’t stop. I like it too much”

She needs to go through the recovery group process to gain custody of her daughter again.
After the meeting, the moderator meets with her and asks her how long she’s been clean. She fidgets and says two days . The moderator encourages her and gives her a book by Rick Warren ‘the purpose driven life”

“I want you to know you can’t do this alone”.

The woman leaves and Ashley waits a minute before throwing the book in a bin and leaves. The woman is really not far away, she hears the sound as it falls in the bin and comes back.
At another location, a suspect is brought to court for judgement to be read. He is in handcuffs. He is required to put on a suit before his appearance in the court. He is led by a female police officer to the cell where his clothes are.
Once in the cell, the moment the handcuffs are off, he hits her, not once, not twice, repeatedly. He steals her gun and radio and leaves.
He goes to the courtroom and shoots the honourable judge, the court reporter, and a sergeant. He also shoots a federal agent who runs after him to stop him. He escapes.
Ashley turns up late at work the next day, her boss complains then hands her a package delivered that morning. She opens it and it’s the book again: The purpose driven life.
The murder case is turned over to a detective. He and his team work tirelessly to locate the killer on the loose.
Brian, the killer, goes to his former girlfriend’s house to peep in the window at a baby.
He has a newly birthed son, Christopher. His lawyer had informed him just two days earlier.
The focus is back on Ashley Smith. Her daughter’s custody was granted to her aunt. Ashley is prepared to recieve her girl back.
Ashley puts her house in order because her daughter would be moving in soon.
She discovers some drugs in the process, and instead of flushing it out in the toilet, she gets high on it.
It’s 2:30am and she goes to get a cigarette in her car. The killer, Brian, who has been in the neighbourhood attacks her and holds her hostage. He is armed and quite violent. He has two guns and a knife. He discovers she has a daughter somewhere and uses that as a threat to her.
Her legs and hands are tied for some time.
Along the line, they talk a bit and she learns about his new son too.
Through the police radio with him, the detective speaks with him for a while. Brian breaks the radio in anger. Restless from the conversation with the detective, he asks Ashley for weed. She gives him methamphetamine. The same drug that has taken a lot from her. He tells her to have a go first, but she refuses. He sniffs in a lot and goes hysterical. He is so hysterical, she is afraid and tries escaping through her bathroom window but she can’t. At some point he recovers his senses a bit. Asks her why she didn’t sniff it in herself. He holds her at gunpoint and asks her to, whilst questioning it’s content. She refuses, not wanting to continue down that life path.
He let’s her be, untying her. She goes to read a book, The purpose driven life, he asks her what the title is, then requests she reads it aloud.
As the day dawns, she does some cooking because he is hungry. He asks what assistance he could offer and helps her put up a mirror. She is suprised. When they settle to eat, she reads from the book again at his request. She reads:

“God deserves your best. He shaped you for a purpose and he expects you to make the most of what has been given to you”.
“I haven’t been given anything” he replies
You have a son” she says.
“I’m never going to see him again, anyway”
“If you stop what you’re doing and give up yourself. Maybe you will”

From the book:

“Fear is a self imposed prison that will keep you from doing what you want to”

Ashley looks at the time and decides she must leave. Its 9:00am and she is to meet her daughter. She tells Brian she can’t disappoint her daughter again after all the things that have gone wrong in her life. She walks towards the door slowly. She keeps looking back, he says nothing. When she is at the door, he asks her to come for something she would need. Her cell phone battery which he had seized. She gets it and runs to her car. She’s just been released from a seven hour hostage situation. She drives a bit then calls 911. She cries, still shaken.
Brian waits in the house and soon he hears the sound of an helicopter hovering above. Police officers surround his house with various snipers and gunmen. He is asked to surrender.
When he doesn’t, Ashley is invited to say something to him over the megaphone.

Brian, it’s Ashley. I came back.
It’s not too late Brian. Brian, there is purpose in your life . It’s time. Do the right thing Brian.”

He paces for so long then he dials his former girlfriend’s number and leaves a message for his son and requests that he be allowed to listen to it when he is old enough.
Brian surrenders outside and is taken away.
Ashley is prevented from stepping into her house yet. Yellow duct tape is used to seal it off. She stands behind the tape and sees the disarray that is her house. All in one night. Just like her life was once in disarray. She sees the mirror he hung on the wall and She knows grace has visited her.
She gets reunited with her daughter.
At the close of the movie, its written that:
Ashley has been drug free since that night of her ordeal.
She has been a celebate recovery leader, helping others who struggle with addiction…
Brian Nichols is currently serving multiple life sentences without the possibility of parol.
While prison rules prohibit Brian from seeing his son until he is 18, Brian hopes to someday meet him.
Ashley and Brian have not seen each other since trial.
At the close of the movie, there is a clip of Ashley’s interview on Oprah’s show. Rick Warren, author of the purpose driven life, is also present.
Ashley recounts the tiring ordeal and her thoughts on giving the killer holding her hostage drug to get high on, that night:

“What have you just done. You have just offered the thing that ruined your life and made you crazy to a killer. You’re dead now”

Rick Warren:

I think there are a lot of great lessons in Ashley life. One of them is ” you don’t have to be perfect to be used by God. If God only used perfect people, nothing would be done because none of us is perfect
The other one is, no matter how bad your problems are, God’s purpose is bigger…Everybody is looking for hope. When people are going through a crisis, they are looking for hope”

The movie is dedicated to the victims of Brian Nichols.
Where sin abounds, grace abounds much more Romans 5:20

It turns out the real life story is a bit different from the movie’s portrayal.
In the movie, God worked in and through Ashley who had no faith in him. That signified the end of the addictive hold. It signified the surrender of a terrible killer. She found saving grace.
Dear reader, can you and I partner with God well enough that he uses our little effort, the book we present to someone in dire need, to reproduce grace in that life?

5 Christian movies you should definitely see

Hii people. How’s the year running out for you? Are feats being made? Goals being achieved?
Well, in the spirit of good entertainment and inspiration, if you haven’t already, here are movies to make the rest of your 2017 better!
It’s my list of Christian movies you should definitely see.
This isn’t a list of the absolutely awesome Christian movies around. No. This is my compilation of a few movies which have positively impacted me, in no particular order:
1. Miracles from heaven. Based on the true story of the Beam family from Burleson, Texas. 10 year-old Anna gets diagnosed with an incurable digestive motility disorder that threatens her life and tests the true faith of her entire family. Discouraged by naysayers, i.e “friends of Job”, Mrs. Beam finds her own faith slipping away. Anna tries to stay strong, but reaches the point of despair. And just when it seems like all hope is lost, the miraculous happens ‘in a despairing manner’, restoring everyone’s faith and bringing new faith to others.

“Albert Einstein said there are only two ways to live your life.
One is as though nothing is a miracle
And the other is as though everything is a miracle ”
Pastor Scott:” Let me tell you, at the lowest points of my life, I’ve tried it both ways: doing everything I can to connect to God, or walking away. And in my experience, one feels a whole lot better than the other.”
“Miracles are God’s way of letting us know he is here.”

2. God’s not dead 1 &2
I’m still wondering if it’s alright for me to lump both movies here. That’s because you can definitely see part 2 without having seen 1. Much more so because, they’re both so wonderful, and I don’t want to give you any other impression. I’m encouraging you to see both but 2 has impacted me the most.
Grace Welsey faces trials as she goes on trial (pun intended), risking the loss of everything she has in life, this because she answered a question regarding Jesus in her AP history class. Any manner of preaching is against school policy and state policy. Did she really preach? Is she on trial? Is the Christian faith on trial?

“I’d rather stand with God and be judged by the world than stand with the world and be judged by God”
4. Courageous
It tells a story about having the courage to be a godly man, father and husband. The sacrifices it entails and how most men fail in their responsibilities. It centers on four deputies in a large sheriffs department and beams the light on their private lives. It touches on different social issues without being judgmental, as we find good men who are very flawed. There is a definite message to it yet it does not feel like a lecture.
Something about the simplicity of this movie draws me in personally.

“I have heard many people say, who have lost a loved one, that in some ways it is like learning to live with an amputation. You do heal, but you are never the same.”

5. Grace card
Bill lost his son in a tragic accident 17 years prior and that has left him a bitter man and a racist. His family is riding the stormy seas.
Sam, a fellow police officer has trouble seeing the way forward in life.  He is also a minister who is unhappy with his stage in life. When his path crosses with McDonald, feelings he thought were long dead, being a pastor, get stirred up.
This movie is one of those movies that have left me with a principle in life. The principle is that not only God can give grace, man can give grace. If you’ve had a bit of an in-depth understanding of grace like I have, when the truth of that statement hits you, you won’t be able to withstand it.
Grace can be given without a request. It’s unmerited favour to that undeserving person and we all have the capacity to pull out that card every time a person pushes us to the wall.


“it doesn’t take a man to fight Blaine, it takes a man to reach out”
“I promise to pray for you every day, ask your forgiveness, grant you the same, and be your friend always.”

Did u notice the numbers 2,3 issue? I didn’t want to add a movie I wasn’t convinced about just to make it the fifth movie. I also thought God’s not dead1 is quite good enough to stand as a separate movie recommendation. If my explanation is not satisfactory enough, well then lets have a bit of math. Consider God’s not dead1 to be half a movie recommendation and War room to be another half.
I hear someone saying “I’ve been wondering when you’ll include war room” lol. There you have it. Five.
SideNote: you’ll be surprised at the kind of reviews you have on the internet about some of these movies. Regardless I say they’re a sure bet to getting blessed and entertained.

So, which of these movies have you seen or not seen? Do you have any movie suggestions I’ve not included? Has anyone seen ‘do you believe?’ Pray tell in the comment box