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Imagination Express

So, it turns out some of the time, I write a few lines of fiction and I just can’t do a follow up, because a follow up appears to ruin it. I’ve decided to do what I please this 2017. It pleases me to tease you the way stories in my mind tease me every once in a while. Flash flash flash fiction!
Lara ran the emry board over her nails again and allowed her fear to further grip her. She opened herself to every thought that wanted to possess her soul. Better to know the possibilities facing you than be caught unaware.
As the sun set filtered through the curtain into her apartment and her neighbour’s child’s shrill voice cut the air again with a followed “keep quiet now or I’ll beat you again”, Lara allowed the moment to catch up with her.

i found your nose

You know I signed up for you sometimes
…Without realizing
It was the simplest thing to do
Forget Facebook, forget instagram
They encroach on the space you give them
I signed up for you
Bane of my being
How hard can it be for this encroach-ers
to give me MySpace
Let me be
I need MY SPACE!