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DEAR MENTEE || Video hack

So I have this leading to start a segment where I write what’s desperately on my heart. Obviously, that’s what the entire blog is for, but this is different. On the blog, I’m addressing myself, addressing my future children and grandchildren, addressing you and your uncles and neighbours. This segment though is addressing my mentees or proteges, if you’ll like. The things that I desperately want to pass on to the younger ones (not only age wise) that’s what I’ll write here. They are some of the life tips I’ll tell my younger ones who come to sit beside me at night and say “advise me. Tutor me”. Its a broad range of advice.


The idea of this ‘dear mentee’ segment is really to reveal some tips and hacks about my life. Little structures that give me the result I get, that make me who I am, which I think you may want to learn from.

I wrote a blog post on how I use my gratitude journal here. I hope you read that and you’ve been abiding by it. Beyond that, I have a culture of recording short videos of and for myself. I have a number of them. Nothing specifically aesthetic, nothing intended for the gram or any social media. Simply for keepsake. It does nothing but help me worship God later on. Yoruba people say, the person that does not think deeply, cannot give thanks. Thanksgiving is not a function of what God has done for you, but what you remember and what you choose to do with what you remember.

The starting point is remembering, and don’t trust your mind to do that for you, it’s easily distracted and the little things which make up the big things.

This morning, I have spent time worshiping God for the process I’ve had this year. Right now, a video recording I once did of my morning devotions while in UI is playing on my laptop. I wish I could share the videos I have with you, but I’m not sure about the wisdom of that – being different personal videos, it’s not the safest thing I can do. I however think you should inculcate that attitude. Take short clips at wedding events with your friends, record your little sister having a fun game with you, record yourself narrating that instance that has stressed you out, record yourself returning from your first NLS CLASFON fellowship and what you thought about it, record yourself talking about your last week in UI, record yourself on your last day of your law school externship, record yourself when you feel depressed, when you feel ecstatic. At the end of the year, you won’t be able to say God hasn’t done anything for you. Your recordings will keep you in awe.

This video clip by Pastor Sarah Omakwu is a wonderful one analyzing why David could not keep quiet or dance sanely when he remembered so many things. If you trust yourself to remember enough to always give thanks, discard this video idea. If you don’t, knock yourself out with it.

I hope you get introspective enough to truly worship God all the days of your life. I hope you value each moment and see HIS hand behind it.

It was bishop David Oyedepo who said (emphasized) “the Lord answers prayers, but HE inhabits the praises of his people”. He lives in it.


I hope this has helped. Much love from this end of the hub,

I remain your sister, Debby