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The religion with the best argument

Often times I feel uneasy when a person tells me that followers of a certain religion have not reasoned it out, that’s why they are still followers of that religion. There could be some truth in that statement, but it’s not all true.
I wrote this post after a friend of mine faulted a certain religious sect by saying “they don’t really know what they are doing”. I understand that statement and I could have said that a number of times. It however got me thinking.
But it’s not really in the thinking, is it?
Of course, there is a part of reasoning in religion which I do not underscore. I, in fact, choose to highlight this a great deal. You’d find out as a christian, that God wants you to think, a lot. A man I respect said:
you can never intimidate God with your knowledge and brilliantly reasoned questions. Don’t be afraid to think”. 
You must think. But it’s not all in the thinking. It’s Faith. It transcends the physical, that’s why its regarded as spiritual.
I don’t know about other Christians but I’m a leader in my fellowship and that hasn’t stopped me from having questions. A friend of mine, having said over that there are many questions in her heart, concluded there are probably some questions she would only get a suitable answer to, when she meets with Jesus.
In the same vein, I have had questions which I got answers to already and I’ve also had questions which I haven’t had (satisfactory) answers to. Some people fault the moslems by quoting certain things in the Qur’an that are inconsistent. It may be true to some degree but I want to tell you that skeptics have dug out parts of the scriptures that are also seemingly inconsistent. Some say why did Jesus claim he did not come to bring peace but a sword? And others.
On this count, I appreciate Christian apologetics who have given admirable time to understanding the scriptures. They’re able to give sound answers to the questions about the seeming inconsistencies in the bible. Sound, I say. Not vague answers that do not address the question but like those people that hurriedly wave away doubt from the young believers mind. 1peter3:15 always pokes at me:

” But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts, and always be ready to give a defense to everyone who asks you a reason for the hope that is in you, with meekness and fear”

I long to be able to live that out. Other versions say ” be ready to give an answer…”.
So while we don’t readily have apologetics everywhere, what happens in those circles where really really tough questions about Christianity are asked? That’s why I say its not all about logic. The fact that you can’t give a satisfactory answer, does it make your faith any less real? Following logic, everything in the scripture doesn’t add up.

1 Corinthians 2:14 ” the natural man does not accept the things that come from the Spirit of God. For they are foolishness to him, and he cannot understand them, because they are spiritually discerned.”

It’s beyond logic.
I’m not a Christian because I found everything in the scriptures to be verifiable. In fact, I never did such a diligent research.
For this reason I absolutely admire authors like Lee Strobell author of The case for Christ who went in deep quest to know if the gospel accounts are correct. Now it’s said that it’s scientifically proven outside of Christian beliefs that the gospels are genuine.
Once again, I’m not a Christian because I’ve found everything to be verifiable through astounding researches.
Rather, I’m a Christian by Faith. I’m a Christian who has had an experience beyond the normal, which has propelled me to surrender to Jesus.
If then I find a Moslem who isn’t averse to reasoning out some facts in the Qur’an and Sunna (objectively), and who inspite of his/her reasoning, admits that reasoning alone will not expose the true way, I believe they’re probably on a quest for the true God. I do not endorse their believes but I believe they are on a path outside of fanatism.
If ever, a person would be genuinely converted, it’s not because the religion they’ve chosen seemingly has no flaws in It’s followers guide. It could be a safe bet, but faith is much more than making a safe bet.
As an adherent to a religion, unless you can explain every fact in your religion away, don’t ‘jump’ at critizing another religious woshipper who can’t explain. Even when reasoning obviously exposes the wrong in a religion, not everyone can step out of that religion on that basis. Something outside the ordinary is at work. Thats why I say it’s all beyond condemnation, it’s all beyond logic. Christian, let that power you encountered which moved you to follow Christ, let it work in their lives too; that’s the prayer you should adopt as yours.
Logic matters but can’t be the basis of everything spiritual.

What do you suppose? This is quite a delicate subject matter. Do you agree or air a different view? I’ll love to know your thought.

5 Christian movies you should definitely see

Hii people. How’s the year running out for you? Are feats being made? Goals being achieved?
Well, in the spirit of good entertainment and inspiration, if you haven’t already, here are movies to make the rest of your 2017 better!
It’s my list of Christian movies you should definitely see.
This isn’t a list of the absolutely awesome Christian movies around. No. This is my compilation of a few movies which have positively impacted me, in no particular order:
1. Miracles from heaven. Based on the true story of the Beam family from Burleson, Texas. 10 year-old Anna gets diagnosed with an incurable digestive motility disorder that threatens her life and tests the true faith of her entire family. Discouraged by naysayers, i.e “friends of Job”, Mrs. Beam finds her own faith slipping away. Anna tries to stay strong, but reaches the point of despair. And just when it seems like all hope is lost, the miraculous happens ‘in a despairing manner’, restoring everyone’s faith and bringing new faith to others.

“Albert Einstein said there are only two ways to live your life.
One is as though nothing is a miracle
And the other is as though everything is a miracle ”
Pastor Scott:” Let me tell you, at the lowest points of my life, I’ve tried it both ways: doing everything I can to connect to God, or walking away. And in my experience, one feels a whole lot better than the other.”
“Miracles are God’s way of letting us know he is here.”

2. God’s not dead 1 &2
I’m still wondering if it’s alright for me to lump both movies here. That’s because you can definitely see part 2 without having seen 1. Much more so because, they’re both so wonderful, and I don’t want to give you any other impression. I’m encouraging you to see both but 2 has impacted me the most.
Grace Welsey faces trials as she goes on trial (pun intended), risking the loss of everything she has in life, this because she answered a question regarding Jesus in her AP history class. Any manner of preaching is against school policy and state policy. Did she really preach? Is she on trial? Is the Christian faith on trial?

“I’d rather stand with God and be judged by the world than stand with the world and be judged by God”
4. Courageous
It tells a story about having the courage to be a godly man, father and husband. The sacrifices it entails and how most men fail in their responsibilities. It centers on four deputies in a large sheriffs department and beams the light on their private lives. It touches on different social issues without being judgmental, as we find good men who are very flawed. There is a definite message to it yet it does not feel like a lecture.
Something about the simplicity of this movie draws me in personally.

“I have heard many people say, who have lost a loved one, that in some ways it is like learning to live with an amputation. You do heal, but you are never the same.”

5. Grace card
Bill lost his son in a tragic accident 17 years prior and that has left him a bitter man and a racist. His family is riding the stormy seas.
Sam, a fellow police officer has trouble seeing the way forward in life.  He is also a minister who is unhappy with his stage in life. When his path crosses with McDonald, feelings he thought were long dead, being a pastor, get stirred up.
This movie is one of those movies that have left me with a principle in life. The principle is that not only God can give grace, man can give grace. If you’ve had a bit of an in-depth understanding of grace like I have, when the truth of that statement hits you, you won’t be able to withstand it.
Grace can be given without a request. It’s unmerited favour to that undeserving person and we all have the capacity to pull out that card every time a person pushes us to the wall.


“it doesn’t take a man to fight Blaine, it takes a man to reach out”
“I promise to pray for you every day, ask your forgiveness, grant you the same, and be your friend always.”

Did u notice the numbers 2,3 issue? I didn’t want to add a movie I wasn’t convinced about just to make it the fifth movie. I also thought God’s not dead1 is quite good enough to stand as a separate movie recommendation. If my explanation is not satisfactory enough, well then lets have a bit of math. Consider God’s not dead1 to be half a movie recommendation and War room to be another half.
I hear someone saying “I’ve been wondering when you’ll include war room” lol. There you have it. Five.
SideNote: you’ll be surprised at the kind of reviews you have on the internet about some of these movies. Regardless I say they’re a sure bet to getting blessed and entertained.

So, which of these movies have you seen or not seen? Do you have any movie suggestions I’ve not included? Has anyone seen ‘do you believe?’ Pray tell in the comment box

To all 'uncles'

I was enroute Ilorin from Ibadan. I got a seat at the back of the sienna vehicle.
When I got to the park, only two passengers were needed to fill up the vehicle, I was one of the two. The last person to come was a student, clothed in his uniform. He seemed like a person of Fulani descent. He also appeared to be going to the boarding house with the number of bags that trailed him. His mother and uncle pleaded that the driver accept 300 naira for his extra luggage in the boot. His mother came to the window and bent close, waving at him, she didn’t forget to give him an instruction. Does any mother forget?
At this stage, the third person sitted at the back seat became an ‘uncle’. I was at the extreme left, the student in between and the unclen at the right.
What school do you go to?” he asked.
The student responded. He was probably in senior class; he seemed tall enough and he wore a pair of trousers as opposed to shorts.
We were five minutes into the journey and the young chap was watching a movie on his phone.
I requested to, and prayed aloud, as the bus took off. As expected, not everyone said an ‘amen’. Uncle said amen, however. Loud amens. Thank you.
Let’s get a bit of background about uncle. Uncle got to the vehicle before I did. Whe I got there, he was angry. As he complained loudly in Yoruba language about the poor state of all the vehicles these days, he complained also about the time-wasting driver and his colleagues. He complained loudly that he hadn’t been given his change yet. 
You’d get a better picture when you imagine those people who complain aloud although they have no audience, those who have perfected the art of it. I thus, had no clue he was a Christian.
Thank you all the same for saying amen to the prayers. It was a smooth car ride.
So, the supposed Fulani student watching the movie laughed. I imagine the movie must have been hilarious. Uncle spoke up.
Do you know you can download your textbooks on your phone and read?” Uncle’s eyes darted about unsure as he said that.
The student nodded, probably thinking ‘thanks for your kind thoughts’. But kind thoughts were no where being over. It made uncle sure that textbooks could be downloaded. Cue the longest speech ever recited.
Instead of these movies you’re seeing, reading your books will do you good… You will be a first-class student. You’ll compete against not only students in Nigeria but world students…you’ll not concern with the state of Nigeria…there are jobs, oh there are jobs…that way you’ll live well… do your parents proud…do you know…in fact, there was… how many people…?” he went on. Believe me, he went on.
At the commencement of the speech, I had thought, ‘oh great, he must be a teacher, who is glad to find another erring student he can put on the right track’. Later, I doubted it. This was simply a desire to speak.
A fair-skinned lady who sat in front, who had said no amen to my prayers, turned back to stare at uncle reciting his impromtu speech, then she faced front. Later, she would bring out her small bible and read. So we’re fellow Christians? You said no amen.
Others also had to turn and stare at some point.
Uncle had a bible placed on his laps which he didn’t read. At some point during his speech, he left talk of the academics, and went into spirituality, talking about God. His voice loud and intrusive. I wondered if this was an approach to preaching.
At a point, all we could think ( I can boldly lay claim to reading everyone’s mind) was that, ‘uncle you’ve tried’, ‘Uncle remember “half a word is enough for the wise” ‘, ‘Uncle please, uncle please’.
His speech finally ended.
The boy told him “Thank You” and clicked the play button on his phone. This time, I imagine he held any laughter prompted by hilarious scenes to himself. But he saw the movie as he desired.
Variants of uncle show up at different locations, and at different times, under different citcumstamces.
 To all uncles, please learn that your first sermon is your appearance. Uncle’s burning anger was a longer speech than the one he tried to give the young boy verbally. I know someone who describes herself as a ‘complainer’. Don’t. It may seem a honest enough description of your person. I advise you shouldn’t be content with being a complainer. Have you ever heard:

 “if you have nothing good to say, say nothing”

 I work by that principle. If you’re presenting a constructive comment to the wrong party, that’s fair enough. I do that. If your aim, as clearly evidenced, is to make your audience aim and achieve better than the party which did wrong, that’s fair enough. I do that. But stop being the complainer. The person who says “i just have no chill”.
Uncle, respect younger people too. My younger sister has been giving me gist of what goes down at her secondary school. One thing I also often recollect about my time in secondary school, is how a number of teachers did not understand that students are humans. Students have feelings. You are not permitted to treat students how you wouldn’t treat other adults. They’re intelligent beings.
 One of Ifemelu’s opinion in the book Americanah by Chimamnda Ngozi Adichie, was that aunty Uju was the only adult who treated her like her opinion mattered. And she loved aunty Uju.
Be that person who draws respect from students, not only because you’re older but because you deserve it. Don’t tie down a young student’s time in your own interest.
Respect other people’s time and wishes. There is this tweet I saw on twitter:

I wish for you, sincerely, to take your time but that doesn’t mean waste mine”

Uncle did not listen to the student. He probably meant well, which I credit but then he thought he could give his long winding opinion on education and Nigeria for as long as he pleased. Make your point known, keep silent. Respect people’s personal space, existence and wishes. 
Don’t be that other guy who entered the same taxi I did just the day before I travelled. He claimed he wanted to be my friend. He saw I was busy with my phone. I greeted him and politely told him I was busy. He wouldn’t let me be. He said “don’t you want me to be your friend?” Really? “Tell me your name naw” it was irritating. More irritating, because it reminded me of those who bugged me tirelessly in taxis while I was in secondary school. They saw a young girl and felt they could talk as they please. No you can’t. She is a human being, she may be young and beautiful but don’t badger her! Don’t be that person. I asked this guy, this time not politely, what kind of friend he would turn out, if he couldn’t respect my wishes now. I’m busy! And I did that for all the times I was troubled as a teenager.
Uncle, you mean well. Whatever your own case may be, but please learn courtesy. 
The bible says in Romans 14:16

Do not allow what you consider good, to be spoken of as evil

What do you think? ever done the same? Any experience with someone who would not respect other people’s feelings? Or other people’s time? Regardless of their age. I want to hear your thoughts.

A Phone Call

A man ran by, panting hard. The end of his oversized red shirt flying in the wind, as the air from the cross ventilation and ceiling fan mingled in the room, the force came close to being outdoor.
He ran with a slightly open mouth and by all indications, was out of breath.
As he pounced through the room and out the opposite swing door, we all looked up from our computers.
Bodies worn out from sitting for so long, bodies bent over computers while creating models, we couldn’t care less at this point.
Five minutes later, two men ran right back with this same man.
A minute later, a fat, dark complexioned woman entered speaking loudly and rapidly on the phone, not glancing once at those of us at sitted.
“Yes, call the fire services. Call them” a pause. “Okay, call abefele. Just call somebody. Ehn… They should come down to the department of computer science” she said, all in the one minute it took her to waggle through the room.
At this point, nobody could face their laptops again. We all looked at the back door, as though it would become transparent in the very next second and let us in on the cause of commotion.
Tobi stood up from his chair and stretched as he grinned playfully.
Break time?”
Working in that room over the past month with the other students had been slightly interesting. We formed a good bond in between frowning at incomprehensible samples on our computers and having group dicussions.
We often had our break time twice in a day. The first was to eat late breakfast from “all food cafeteria” just across the open yard. The woman made the best amala on campus. She made me ignore my belief that solid food shouldn’t be eaten in the morning or noon time.
The second break consisted of eating roasted or boiled corn while some others took a nap.
Mercy, who was sitted beside me, stood up and went out the screen door at the back, all alone. The rest of us also inched to the door. I did so unsure. There was no window overlooking the back that we could have gazed through.
The back door to that room opened to a collonade. Across, was the “all food cafeteria”. At the back of our own work station block, was another block of rooms.
We walked down some more, till we got to an old store which overlooked a stream. Some of the water from Odua dam still ran down to that place. It was surrounded by overgrown grass.
The men and the woman we had seen previously, were gathered together. They all glanced back at us when they heard foot falls. They jumped a bit. Or perhaps paranoia was already setting in for me.
There was something they had previously been gazing at on the floor.
It was an human body . I didn’t know how to feel or what to think. A body. I was often told of things like that, I never witnessed them.
We didn’t know if to go any closer, there was no assistance any of us could offer, so we remained a safe distance away.
Two school security officers dressed in their maroon coloured uniform appeared from around the building where we came from.
They went forward and asked who she was as they bent to inspect the body without touching it.
Men clothed in fire fighters garb came almost immediately too. There were about six of them. I instinctively moved further away. I thought it was best for us to leave at that time.
The wind blew harder and soon it was blowing real hard and the clouds were gathering. The clouds moved visibly in the exact manner I loved as a child.
I would glance up at the sky whenever it threatened to rain. I loved when the clouds were impatient and revealed their otherwise secret manner of floating by. I wasn’t the only one who enjoyed watching it.
Helen did.
As one of the fire fighters bent by the body to turn it, the slightly brown shade of relaxed hair began to strike me as familiar. The wet clothes clung to her body, she must’ve been drawn out of the water. I couldn’t shake off the goosebumps that rose on my body. Her body form was too familiar. I was feeling sick.
I didn’t think I could turn back and leave all alone. I didn’t think I could trust my voice to ask my friends to leave with me either. I just stayed there and willed it to rain. Anything. My body was slipping to another time and moment, hearing another voice.
Something out of the ordinary was happening to me.
The man turned the body and it was a different face.
Not regarding that, my goosebumps remained, even long after we had been asked to leave.
That night, I slept fitfully; plagued by dreams I forgot as soon as I woke up, and a cough which I had suddenly developed.
I sat up and checked the time on my phone. 2:54am.
There was a time in Jss2, our English teacher, Mrs John, had come to class and in a burst of  quirkiness, requested that the twins in the class come forward to share with the class what it was like, to be twins.
I had been at a loss of what to say, due to the suddeness. Helen spoke up though, and soon everyone was laughing, and gazing on us steadfastly the way I imagine the crowd was often gazing at Jesus.
I swiped open my phone and punched in a phone number I still knew by heart.
Hello” She breathed, more than said. “Irene?
Helen” I said. ” I thought you’d be sleeping”
I was. I stirred and saw your number on the screen of my phone”
“oh. It’s been long enough, hasn’t it?”
We were silent until she said “wow. That’s it.”.

I sighed. Time crawled.
“There were days, Irene, there were days. Days when I wondered when you would do as Kainene did. Why didn’t you?”

“I’m doing so now”
I closed my eyes, beads of perspiration formed on my skin. Among us, I had never been the one for many words. “I’m sorry it took so long”

Ever simple, she said “Our own grandfather never made such a profound sentence like theirs did. Let’s blame grandpa.” I involuntarily chuckled as she said this. I could picture her smiling at that.
Some things do change your perspective though, it doesn’t matter how many sage counsels you recieve.”.

“Kainene and Olanna waited for a war.”I could read her mind and I knew she would never ask me what ours was, even though she longed to know. Why I would speak to her after so long.
All I could tell was it was over now. Over. We could now continue in our telepathic ways. she could now be the Helen to my Irene again. The freedom that came from that knowledge allowed me to chuckle. Then I laughed, and it emanated from deep within my chest, a million constricting bubbles dispelling. Constrictions permanently gone.
Make that phone call today. You know you need to.

Life and books!

​There is a place that gives me hope. That makes me certain that’s where I belong. Isn’t it time to reconsider some things? To write?” 

This was my thought which I penned down after re-reading purple hibiscus. I felt I was in the inner caucus of literally conscious people. Those who read, recognize and respect brilliant statements and plots. There are times I read genius pieces of work or simply a profound sentence and all I can wonder on is, if other people would understand what I just read to be exclusively brilliant. 
For some people, a story is a story. Shame. For some people, an overly dramatic dialogue is a story( all those episodes of ‘stories’ that run on whatsapp as broadcast messages). Ignorance ( I’m not disputing that those write-ups have their place in the world but a good story, fiction is a whole lot more than that). For some people, story is a waste of time. In response to that, I’ll hold my peace. Or perhaps answer you by saying, Jesus told stories.
I’ve been well. Pushing through the days with more knowledge. A few moments of precious and incomparable exclusiveness with God. Times of combing through books too. 
I recently completed Frank Peretti’s the visitation ( quite lengthy) and I’m reading 26A by Diana Evans, for fiction. 
In terms of Christian literature, I’m in between a million books. What I often do is read necessary chapters from them. My holiday has been cut short and that has destabilized my reading plans. These are the ones I’ve focused on however: I’ve read from E.M Bounds on Prayer (this is the combination of all seven books he has written on the subject matter of prayer). I’ve read from Phillip Yancey’s The Jesus I never knew ( I got propelled to return to this book after completing the visitation ). I’ve also been reading Watchman Nee’s secret to spiritual power .
I’m constantly reading articles from around the web.
I’m enjoying Afoma’s book’d series.
I recently got intrigued by Uche Okonkwo‘s simplicity in writing. 
By the way, I feel I should  pursue knowledge on the art of being an editor.
☺okay, this is a simple way of letting you know I’ve resumed blogging again. Exams got nothing on me. Before I say bye, I enjoyed this two quotes this week and I think you would too:

If Jesus had never lived we would not have been able to invent him                                 -Walter Wink
When i saw you, I fell in love and you smiled because you knew                                                                                                     -Aerigo Boito

Okay, have a wonderful week. Come back to read some more posts!
As always, love,