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Ladies and Football; 6 guys give their opinions.

Hiii people. To wrap up this Ladies and football series is another dimension.
You know why I’m interested in these opinions? I think it’s might just be pure stereotype. Is there really a sport meant for only one sex?
That most people of a certain sex aren’t involved or interested in that sport, shouldn’t grant a monopoly of it to the other sex or should it? (Do answer in the comment section).
The dimension: I asked a number of guys their opinion on this question:

“Do you mind marrying a lady who not only loves football, but also plays football?
Do you think its cool?
What has been your experience with ladies who (1), love and (2),play football?”

These are the answers I got:
I don’t mind marrying a lady who loves and plays football.
Yeah, I think it’s cool.
My simple experience in relating with such ladies most times is that we communicate and relate better.
For me, football is a huge part of my world. therefore having a lady who also loves football is a bonus, especially if we both support the same club. we’ll get to share our victories and console each other when the team loses.
As regards the playing of football, I’m comfortable with marrying a lady who plays football as a hobby, but not a professional footballer.
About personal experiences, I have a preference for ladies with football knowledge as it’s common ground to relate with them, though friendship with Arsenal supporters is tricky, as they’re almost always on a down mood.
I don’t mind marrying a lady who loves and play football…( Unless if the playing is too much like three times a week).
Yes, it’s cool to marry a wife you can once in a while play football with.
My experiences
1. Those who love it are nice and love to share their ideas, but they usually cry when their team loses spoiling your mood too.
2. Those who play are usually tough and hard to deal with.
Hmmm. The first question ehn. I think I won’t mind marrying a lady that loves watching football because I love that too. But playing football, I actually think it will be difficult or rather rare to see a lady at her mid 20s involved in playing football.
Now, I don’t have experience with ladies who play football, but I do with ladies that watch .
It’s been really cool discussing football with them, but the fact is that you have to educate them on some *known* stuffs in football. They don’t know some intricacies in football, so most times, guys have to tell them about those stuffs which ordinarily are common knowledge to football freaks.
I definitely don’t mind marrying a lady who loves or even plays football.
I think it is cool. I have female friends who enjoy talking about football and I must say it is usually exciting, different from when you are talking to the guys.
Are u kidding me, a lady who not only loves but also plays football is an angel 😁.
Of course, I definitely wouldn’t mind marrying her.
It’s supercool.
My experience with ladies who love/play football is that they do tend to be kinda manly, not physically, I mean character-wise.
Which is not so cool but then you can’t have everything right.

Different opinions. 😊 There’s however however a consensus that it’s cool when a lady loves football, the degree of that love for footbsll being a different thing for each person.

You know, it’s uncalled for seggregating sports. My opinion is that naturally, most ladies would not gravitate towards playing football and that’s O.K. Whatever you want.
However for you as a future primary or secondary school proprietor/propreitress to take an outright stance on the seggragation is to brainwash young minds. Same holds as a future parent.
Or like Simi’s story, to even call a lady that likes football a lesbian. I’m tired.
In the same vein, this that I saw on twitter:

Let’s do better for the next generation. Or what do you think?
If you’re going to live wholly, you can’t be crippled by unfounded societal expectations.
Question to all: what sport have you always considered a female sport?
And if a guy doesn’t fancy football, so be it.
As always,

Privileged generation

Hiii guys. I penned this down on 26th of March 2018.
I hope you learn a thing or two.

Those you flock around determine who you will turn out to be in a few years.
First point I want to discuss is that we’re a privileged generation. Ife Grace-Dada wrote something once and I agree with her(check out her blog and fb page, she’s a committed Christian writer). Paraphrase: Ask most young christians and you would see that their best ministers are mostly those whose churches they’ve never stepped foot into.
Following this premise, it applies to most areas of life, that the people who inspire you may be those you’ve never had to meet in person yet in a certain aspect you consider them lit!
Some parents and grand-parents may never understand this. 😊 and some do.
Sometimes you follow such people on social media and imitate them as they imitate Christ, or learn a thing or two about decent human behaviour.
Personally, I have someone who inspires me with her simplicity, decent fashion, and her knowledge of God’s word.
There’s someone else whose confidence and openness in sharing her love for God, inspires me.
I think it helps when you don’t just wildly envision who you want to be in a few years time, but when you consciously take steps that propel you in that direction. You surround yourselves with people of that sort. Association works.
Before long, even if you didn’t grow up in a home that projected that virtue, you’re conscious that your dressing should be neat, smart and project Christ; not done haphazardly. You become conscious of other people’s feelings, you empathise. You learn some biblical truth you previously didn’t know.
What am I really advocating for with this post?
Reach beyond your immediate world. Don’t just chat away your internet time; you can know more about gardening through your instagram friend living someplace other than where you are, you can understand the arguments for home-schooling through twitter, you can access in-depth bible exposition through facebook, or you can learn about the precision and neatness of the Swiss through reading. You can be an all-rounder.
Janice James said:

‘I’ve travelled the world twice over,
Met the famous saints and sinners,
Poets and artists, king and queens,
Old stars and hopeful beginners,
I’ve been where no-one’s been before, learned secrets from writers and cooks
All with one library ticket
To the wonderful world of books”

You have no excuse for not knowing beyond what’s in your immediate surroundings. So many instruments at your disposal.
Remember: privileged generation.
p.s: I hope no one is saying why should I bother knowing about home-schooling and gardening? Okay o. Okay.