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Hey Beggar.

“Kneeling there in deep contrition”,
That’s what a line from an hymn we sing in church says
Today, I see you folded by the streets
It’s a Sunday morning
I’m not feeling up for church
You’re kneeling by the road too
Regardless of whether you’re up for it or not
We’re both ready to get what we need
Poor as we are
You, poor materially,
I,  poor in spirit
In desperate need of what only Jesus can give
Whether I feel up to it that day or not

life lately

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiii. I’ve been well. Better. I’m shining. How have you been?
Remember my post trigger words? Well I read one of my ‘trigger blogs’ and I knew a post would come up today. Sincerely, I enjoy reading that blog, it’s one of my model blogs.
You see, the thing with lifestyle blogging, is that you’re not perfect. And no one wants to see a perfect blogger in the first place. We want you, and your imperfections, coupled with your efforts. No, we don’t want you when we see no effort. get better. That’s the thing. Work towards being the best version of yourself. The version that doesn’t need ‘editing’ before an audience.
Having said that, lets get right back to the business of the day. I’ve been AWOL. You have kept here, thank you. I value you. I’m back in school and school has it’s own world, if you haven’t heard. I have a lot of responsibilities but I’ve immensely missed being here.
The thing with book review, for we book lovers, is that you get a perspective into the book, you may purchase the book based on the review and even if you don’t, you got to savour another taste for the moment the book review lasted. I love book reviews. I find myself starting to enjoy book reviews on the blog best. However… I find it hard to read anything other than prescribed textbooks for my course of study. *Rolls eye*. I get to steal a chapter or two from some Christian literature each day though.
I just miss getting a book, the feel of the book between your palms and over the next few days or weeks when that book follows you everywhere. In your bag, on your desk, by the gas cooker, on your front porch and every other preposition in relation to you. Does any other person get that feeling?
I’ve read reviews on Yaa Gyasi’s book “homecoming”. Its my new desire. ToBeRead. You could buy it for me too?
Unto other matters, I’m preparing for exams. I enjoy learning about the law with absolutely no pressure attached. Just discovering new principles, exploring what went on in court rooms etc. I pray this exam period however, I won’t suddenly get overwhelmed along the line with how much I still have to cover and “pour down” in the exam hall.
I’ve also been learning so much more about prayers. Reading about it, talking about it and doing it of course.

“satan does not care how many people read about prayer, if only he can keep them from praying” Paul E Billheimer
“prayer is not learned in the classroom but in the closet” E.M Moody

So it’s beyond reading and hearing about it.(or watching it. Cue cue, “war room” movie)
I’ve been eating. I think that’s a crucial part of a person’s existence. I’m just not having fit-fam healthy meals. It’s hard to maintain that as a student. School has it perks though and I’m grateful I’m in school right now.
On that note, that will be all. that’s a brief update. I shall be back soon, hopefully – having massaged more books also.
Till then, keep shining.
Love and happiness,

gleanings from the internet–TO SHARE IS TO CARE

Happy new month guys. Good to be back here. School has been progressing. Sometimes I’m a little depressed about the silly things, most times I am so grateful to God for his ever abiding presence, for my friends, for my family, for happiness. God is my hope for tomorrow.
Currently I’m having this internal battle about when exactly I would loose the hair on my head.
About my photography project, I was always subtly aware it couldn’t be posted weekly. I’d try to make it as often as possible but definitely not weekly. Making it weekly will put on an extra anxiety for me, a schedule I will chasing smoke to catch up with. I’ll still term them as weekly posts. I also absolutely promise to feed you with good pictures, trying to avoid pictures of showers(if you missed my last photography project post, please click here)
I have a number of books in my head that I should’ve done reviews of. I have discovered that for me, the time lag between when I read a book and when I choose to start penning it down goes a long way to determine if I will ever review the book. Hence the reason many books have slipped under the door without a review.
I’ve been on Arundathi Roy’s ‘THE GOD OF SMALL THINGS’ for up to a month now. You must understand that life happens. Furthermore I’m reading the soft copy. Yes, you get, it’s never the same as the printed back.
Today I have chosen to give you a list of my ‘currently loving’. A few things I enjoyed checking out in the month of February.
First and foremost the month of February marked two important things for me. On the 11th it was my parents wedding anniversary. On the 23rd it was my mother’s birthday. That’s enough currently loving for me. However here goes my list:
This paris review-the art of fiction. I had many quotes to jot down from it. I even more love the interviewer’s disposition. I long for the time I too like Toni Morrison can afford the luxury of choosing what praise to accept. Lol. It’s a good read for writers, aspiring writers and curious readers, it’s however somewhat long.
I found poetolu on instagramtime to share, I loved his poems. I checked out his website and voila I bookmarked this post. It just rubs of on me in the best of manners. I read it and went over it again. You should most absolutely check it out.
You should constantly check out Afoma’s blog. I follow and visit lots of blogs frequently however certain blogs remain home to me. is definitely one of them.
Timi Yeseibo has her way of bringing a lively twist to whatever she writes. Read flight to lagos here and just tell me if you don’t love the ending.
This post seemed like a really long tale of her day but I got so many good lessons along the way. Somehow I just couldn’t but quote out somewhere along the end
”I watched some jellyfish dance ,not really going anywhere, just exploring the same territory in slightly new ways over and over” sometimes we’re really not going anywhere new, doesn’t mean we should let the water be stale. Explore the same place in slightly new ways over and over again.
I can’t remember how I stumbled upon this but it’ really good. It’s also about writing. On coping with writers block or the lies we often tell ourselves along the way.
truly, in various wise, a lot of people return home different and have to cope with being different at home. good post this is.
I follow Ore Fakorede on twitter and this led me to an article he tweeted from medium
I hope you gleaned a lot from the people of the internet. I hope you grow in that wise. It was great sharing with you again.
I’d put up my photography project post soon. Do have lovely weekend and keep in touch.
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Twitter: @mz_hybeekay


Heyy guys. This post is a review of “Blink of an eye”.

This book is categorized as mystery.

I read the Paperback format . The book opens in a very enthralling manner. I’d admit what made me choose to read it and not drop it back on the shelf was the review by Karen Kingsbury on the front cover. Karen was quoted to have said:

   “His(Ted Dekker’s) use of suspense and intrigue caught me at the first page”

So I thought to myself, well let me see that intrigue in the first page. Intrigue and suspense did I indeed see. The setting didn’t open in America which I would’ve been tired of. It was Saudi Arabia; a place I’m not well abreast of. I got a slight insight into the social condition of Saudi Arabia. Ted Dekker right on the first page made me giggle. The book is about a super-intelligent guy( which I never get tired of),Seth and a slightly rebellious Saudi princess, Miriam. Both become fugitive and have to weave through life’s experiences on a fun (to the reader) yet scary roller coaster.
I’d say Miriam is my favourite character due to something of a loyalty to her faith. She also has an intelligent perspective. Her friend Sultana also rubs off on me in a good way; we don’t have enough encounters with Sultana but I still Love her person.

It’s written in a 3rd person POV. I can relate to the characters in a contextual manner.
The characters feel real to me although uh I don’t think I’m ever going to meet a clairvoyant person, so that’s out the window.

While I read, the story gripped me and kept me turning the pages, it was largely unpredictable. The title used to be “Blink” when it was published initially but was altered based on the need to make a movie out of it. Not all the ideas are well developed, the author leaves you to imagine some part.

I particularly love the interview with the author at the end of the book. He brings out salient points which he might have presented slightly earlier on. He is a little unabash about his stance too. The book covers the themes of acceptance, love, hope, betrayal and more.

I’d recommend this book to inquisitive people and lovers of intrigue(which you most likely are among, right?). The book has left me panting after other books by the author which I’m a little ashamed to admit I haven’t read before. Ted Dekker Ted Dekker Ted Dekker. I’d rate the book four out of five stars.

On acceptance of other people’s culture:

“but all of these practices advanced Saudi culture in a way the west did not see. Saudis understood the value of strong families for example. of loyalty to God and his word. Of respect for an order that supported both families and God”

On Conflict:

“the world’s religion had engaged themselves in a great struggle. A struggle between those who wanted to fix the world with the sword and those who wanted to fix it with love”
“yes, God was great, but those who swung the sword on his behalf were not, Samir thought”
On a sense of self-preservation/struggle for survival:
“he still didn’t know how they were going to survive, but he did believe that they were meant to survive, and that was enough”
“the sheik had not only been spared but commended for his reversal of loyalty in the eleventh hour. Though he’d been one of the plotters he was still more valuable to the king as a friend than an enemy. It was the way of the desert”

On conviction:

“prayer may just be the most powerful tool mankind has”

On Love:

“bright red petals from two hundred roses flown in from Holland blanketed the water. Evidently the groom, Hatam bin Hazat had heard that his young bride liked red roses. Upon seeing the extravagant display two days earlier, Sita vowed never to look upon another red rose in her life”
“one day, if he would be so fortunate, he would find another woman to love…she would be free, and if she was not, he would set her free. Like a bird”
“love changes everything”
“love your neighbour as yourself”

On female subjugation:

“Miriam could not decide. Most women she knew had a hard enough time getting out of the house, much less out of the country. Who was she to think she could run?”
“she dipped her head, replaced her veil and left the tent without another word”

do the nails

Nail polish quotes
Nail polishes are such eye-watering temptations. They are the very thing you continue to get a promotion in. when in secondary school and failing economics, you searched the web for good cortex. When you spent one year at home because your parents wouldn’t lobby anyone for admission you made a nail planner and you ran through every possible neon colour.
To paint your nails, you sit indian style, balance your elbows on your thighs, it helps if you think of it as a tripod. You need them to be as balanced as possible -sudden dislodges are fatal. Never get angry when your mum calls you from the kitchen. You can get angry after applying the coats. It disrupts the process.
Do it yourself. No matter the colour of your skin, you can always have fabulous looking nails. Look for mantras. There is a future to nails. Maybe economics was a bad course to study anyway. When in university, never fix arbitrarily. Only go to a stable salon where your manicurist has studied the art to your fingers. To maintain it during the week, do moisturize the cuticle area so peeling doesn’t hurt the matrix, change nail file often to prevent bacteria, go medical; never use nail polish that contains formaldehyde or toluene. Go to your manicurist when you are emotionally imbalanced. The colour lush will relieve your hiccups. Will widen the tightening space in your throat.
It is what you do every time your husband fights with you over money. It is what you do when your memory betrays you and brings up flashes of that day you had gone to get your nails done, thinking your exam was by 4pm, it was for 3pm. You were late. It was statistics exam. Your result was bad. Your nails attracted your husband. You didn’t need economics after all. Do the nails.


I wish for your sake I had taken a picture of my two-days old toothbrush while it was unused. Although I must admit that doesn’t cross the mind of many at the time of purchase. 
So at FoodCo stores, I bought a toothbrush, uhm ‘dynamic plus’. DISCLAIMER; this is not a hate post just in case your cousin’s friend’s nephew works there. So there I was at the toothbrush section, having a dilemma. What toothbrush to pick, what toothbrush to pick. There was the familiar oral B then others. Among others, I saw a beautiful pink and white toothbrush. I selected it. I had even had some minutes discussion with my sister on why she should pick oral B while I picked this one. 
Well first night, I used it before I slept and it was frigging hard. Someone say hard. Really it was but no cause for alarm. Now night two rolled around ( just in case you’re wondering, I did brush in the morning, just with my old toothbrush) and I took the toothbrush again but this time, amidst the foam in my mouth, I felt something else. It was only when I brought out my toothbrush out that I discover it was all coming out. I mean the white strands which brush the teeth themselves. The brush. Really just touch them and they pull off. How much weaker can you get?
 I’m currently staring at the toothbrush, dazed. Even the N30 brush I bought in school once was better! So I just really had that surprise paralysis then decided to make a post to the effect of my new toothbrush. Enclosed are pictures. For now, I leave you with a poem;
It is pink and white
It is fake
It is soft to touch
Hard to brush
Oh who shall deliver me from the power of toothbrush
The pictures aren’t very clear, i took them with my laptop. I also took these with my laptop
This is my room. Roommates are saying hello.