About Page

The blogger

I am Adebayo Deborah Ibukunoluwa. I enjoy spending hours reading books, reading blogs, viewing art. I love words and I especially love the pictures I can create with them.

I am a final year law student at University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria. I have great interest in Taxation law and Commercial law.

I value my relationship with Jesus above every other thing. My family is my rock❤.

I believe in living wholly; I also believe in working on becoming a better person.

The Blog

In this space; The Christian Faith, Stories, everything books related, Social courtesy and whole living come together with a bit of life’s spice in between.

This is a space where I don’t have to scream to communicate what’s on my mind, and where you and I can rub minds.

I’m hoping you’ll like it well enough in this space to stay around. Thanks and do keep in touch.

The Reader

Vladimir Nabokov once wrote,

“Readers are not sheep, and not every pen tempts them.”

That my words are drawing a few is empowering. It’s a weight of responsibility I’m proud to own, and I’m working to sustain. 💙💙💙

You make this blog work, thank YOU.


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