About Page

The blogger

I am Adebayo Deborah Ibukunoluwa. I spend hours reading books and viewing art. I love words and I especially love the pictures I can create with them.

I study law at university of Ibadan with undying hopes to explore photography soon.

I value my relationship with Jesus above every other thing. My family is my rock. I believe in living wholly and working on becoming a better person.

This is a space where I don’t have to scream to communicate what’s on my mind, and where I can rub mind with others.

I’m hoping you’ll like it well enough on this space to stay around. Thanks and do keep in touch.

The Blog

In this space; Faith, Stories, everything books related, Social courtesy and whole living come together with a bit of life’s spice in between.

The Reader

Vladimir Nabokov once wrote,

“Readers are not sheep, and not every pen tempts them.”

That my words are drawing a few is empowering, and its a weight of responsibility I’m proud to own, and I’m working to sustain.

You make this blog work, thank YOU.


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